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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology


natonal volcanic ash operations plan for aviation and Support of the ICAO International Airways Volcano Watch

Protecting Aviation from Expensive Threats

Shishaldin Volcano

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National Volcanic Ash Operations Plan for Aviation and Support of the ICAO International Airways Volcano Watch

The risk to aviation from airborne volcanic ash is known and includes degraded engine performance (including flameout), loss of visibility, failure of critical navigational and operational instruments, and, in the worse case, loss of life. The immediate costs for aircraft encountering a dense plume are potentially major—damages up to $80 million have occurred to a single aircraft. Aircraft encountering less dense volcanic ash clouds can incur longer-term costs due to increased maintenance of engines and external surfaces. This plan defines agency responsibilities, provides a comprehensive description of an interagency standard for volcanic ash products and their formats, describes the agency backup procedures for operational products, and outlines the actions to be taken by each agency following an occurrence of a volcanic eruption that subsequently affects and impacts aviation services.