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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology



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RSMAS Campus Map. The Auditorium is located in the Doherty Marine Science Center

.pdf version of the agenda

Summary report

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Session 1: Tropical Cyclone Operations: Challenges in 2018

Session 2: Future Products and Services Planned; New/Revised Requirements for Research Panel.

Session 3: Observations

Session 4: Hurricane Working Group

TCOR action items

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Session 6: Research Supporting Operations Forum (Presentations and Discussion): Current Research and Plans for the Future

Session 7: Global Model Advances and Plans

  • EMC: GFS/FV3 – Vijay Tallapragada
  • ECMWF – Fernando Prates
  • FNMOC “Global Model Advances and Plans” – Jon Moskaitis
  • 557th Weather Wing: GALWEM (Global Air-Land Weather Exploitation Model) – Steve Rugg

Session 8: Regional Model Advances and Plans

  • EMC – HWRF/HMON – Avichal Mehra
  • NRL – COAMPS-TC – Jim Doyle

Session 9 Research Supporting Operations: JHT Project Status

  • “The Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): A 2019 Update” Jason Sippel (NOAA/HRD), Mark DeMaria (NWS/NHC)
  • JHT Project 1: Evolutionary Programming for Probabilistic Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecast – Paul Roebber, Clark Evans, Jesse Schaffer (UW-Milwaukee)
  • JHT Project 2: Improvements to Operational Statistical Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecast Models Using Wind Structure and Eye Predictors – Galina Chirokova (CSU/CIRA), John Kaplan (AOML/HRD)
  • JHT Project 3: Improvements and Extensions to an Existing Probabilistic TC Genesis Forecast Tool Using and Ensemble of Global Models – Bob Hart and Dan Halperin (FSU)
  • JHT Project 4: Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using Satellite Passive Microwave Observations – Haiyan Jiang (Florida Intl Univ.)
  • JHT Project 5: Transition of Machine-Learning Based Rapid Intensification Forecasts to Operations – Andrew Mercer and Kimberly Wood (MSU)
  • JHT Project 6: Ensemble-based Pre-genesis Watches and Warnings for Atlantic and North Pacific Tropical Cyclones – Russ Elsberry (UC-CS)