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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology


2014 TCRF/68th IHC

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Location: NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction College Park, MD (And as a Webinar)

March 3-6, 2014

Theme: Tropical Cyclone Research: Assessing the Past -- Planning for the Future

Opening Session

Setting the Stage for the Forum

Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator for Meteorology

Senior Leader Panel

Moderator: Dr. Ronald Ferek, Program Officer, Marine Meteorology Program, Office of Naval Research


The 2013 Tropical Cyclone Season in Review

Session Leader: Jim McFadden (NOAA/AOC)

Transitioning Research to Operations

Session Leaders: Christopher Landsea (NOAA/NHC) and Shirley Murillo (NOAA/AOML)

Session 3a: Tropical Cyclone Observations and Observation Applications, Part I

Session Leader: Scott Braun(NASA/GSFC)

Session 3b: Tropical Cyclone Observations and Observation Applications, Part II

Session Leader: Robbie Hood (NOAA/OAR)

Session 4: Tropical Cyclone Numerical Modeling Initiatives

Session Leaders: Jessie Carman (NOAA/OAR) and Vijay Tallpraganda (NCEP/EMC)

Session 5: Research Priorities of the Operational Centers

Session Leaders: James Franklin (NOAA/NWS/NHC) and Jason Dunion (NOAA/AOML/HRD)

Session 6: Applications of Social Science to Tropical Cyclone Forecasts and Warnings

Session Leader: Bryan Norcross (The Weather Channel)

Hagemeyer Award Presentation

2014: Mr. John Pavone

2013: Dr. Jim McFadden

2012: Mr. Jeff Hawkins

2011: Dr. Peter G. Black

2010: Dr.Jim Goerss

2009: Dr. Mark DeMaria

2008: Mr. Robert Dumont

2007: Mr. Charles J. "Charlie" Neumann

2006: Dr. Joanne Simpson

2005: Dr. Frank D. Marks, Jr.

2004: Mr. Max Mayfield

2003: Mr. Chris Velden

2002: Prof. Russell Elsberry

Invited Presentation

(I-01):Real-Time Geospatial Sharing Between Agencies—An Update Dave Jones (StormCenter Communications)

Final Plenary Session

Session Moderator: John Murphy (NOAA/NWS)

Summary of Assessment Results—Agency Perspectives


WG/HWSOR Meeting Action Item Review, Edward Rappaport (NCEP/NHC), Chair, WG/HWSOR

Final Wrap-up, Mr. Samuel P. Williamson Federal Coordinator for Meteorology