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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology


Tropical Cyclone Research Forum/67th IHC Presentations

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Theme - Tropical Cyclone Research: Our Vision for the Future

Dates: March 5 – 7, 2013

Location: NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction College Park, MD (and as a Webinar)

Opening Session

Conference Opening Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator for Meteorology

Welcoming Remarks Dr. Louis Uccellini, Director, National Weather Service

Invited Comments Acting Secretary of Commerce Dr. Rebecca Blank (invited)

Setting the Stage for the Forum Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator for Meteorology

Panel Session: The Emergency Response to Hurricane Sandy

Moderator: Mr. Bryan Norcross, The Weather Channel Hurricane Specialist


  • Captain Thomas Scardino, Executive Officer, Emergency Management Section, New Jersey Homeland Security Branch
  • Mr. Richard A. French, New York State Office of Emergency Management

Session 1: Tropical Cyclone Research: Federal Agency Overview

Introduction of Panel Moderator: Dr. Paul D. Try, Senior Vice President Science and Technology Corporation

Senior Leader Panel: Tropical Cyclone Research: The View from the Top

Moderator: John D. Murphy, Director, Office of Science and Technology, National Weather Service


Session 2: Working Group for Tropical Cyclone Research

Session Leaders: Dr. Frank Marks, Co-Chair WG/TCR and Director Hurricane Research Division (NOAA/AOML) and Dr. Ronald Ferek, Co-Chair WG/TCR and Program Officer Marine Meteorology Program(ONR)

Comparison of the 2010 and 2012 Snapshots of Tropical Cyclone Research and Development Frank Marks (AOML/HRD) and Ronald Ferek (ONR)

Session 3a: The Navy's Model Development and Improvement Program/Hurricane Forecast Improvement Program (HFIP): Supporting Talks

Session Leaders: Dr. Ron Ferek and Dr. Frank Marks

Session 3b: Earth System Predication Capability (ESPC)/Next-Generation Suite of Models: Supporting Talks

Session Leader: Dr. Alexander E. (Sandy) MacDonald (OAR/ERSL)

Session 3c: NSF Program Initiatives: Supporting Talks

Session Leader: Dr. Michael C. Morgan (NSF)

Session 4: The 2012 Tropical Cyclone Season in Review

Session Leader: Mr. Robert Dumont, OFCM

Session 5a: Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Updates, Part 1

Session Leaders: Vijay Tallapragada (NCEP/EMC) and John Cortinas (NOAA/OAR)

Session 5b: Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Updates, Part 2

Session Leaders: Vijay Tallapragada (NCEP/EMC) and John Cortinas (NOAA/OAR)

Session 6: Tropical Cyclone Model Development and Technology Transfer

Session Leaders: Dave McCarren (Navy/CNMOC) and Michael Farrar (NWS/OST)

Conference Banquet

Hagemeyer Award Presentation

2013: Dr. Jim McFadden

2012: Mr. Jeff Hawkins

2011: Dr. Peter G. Black

2010: Dr. Jim Goerss

2009: Dr. Mark DeMaria

2008: Mr. Robert Dumont

2007: Mr. Charles J. "Charlie" Neumann

2006: Dr. Joanne Simpson

2005: Dr. Frank D. Marks, Jr.

2004: Mr. Max Mayfield

2003: Mr. Chris Velden

2002: Prof. Russell Elsberry

Session 7: Observations and Observing Strategies for Tropical Cyclones and their Environment

Session Leaders: Scott Braun (NASA/GSFC) and Svetla Hristova-Veleva (NASA/JPL)

Session 8: Improvements in Tropical Cyclone Forecast and Warning Products and Services

Session Leaders: Tim McClung (NWS/OST) and Jim Goerss (NRL/Monterey)

Invited Presentation

Collaborative Decision Making: Connecting Agencies (Federal & State) and the Private Sector for Improved Situational Awareness, Coordination, and Response to Save Lives and Property Dave Jones, Founder, President & CEO, StormCenter Communications, Inc.

Session 9: Social Science Applications to the Tropical Cyclone Forecast and Warning Notification Problem

Session Leaders: Ms. Jennifer Moore Sprague (NWS) and Ms. Tracy Rouleau (NWS)

Final Plenary Session

Session Coordinator: Dr. Paul D. Try (OFCM/STC)

Session Moderator: Colonel John Egentowich Acting Air Force Director of Weather

  • WG/HWSOR: Action Item Review Dr. Edward Rappaport (NCEP/NHC) Chairperson, WG/HWSOR
  • Conference Wrap-Up: Dr. Michael C. Morgan, NSF; Dr. Alexander E. (Sandy) MacDonald, NOAA/ESRL; Dr. Ronald Ferek, ONR; Dr. Frank Marks, Jr., NOAA/HRD
  • Final Wrap-up Mr. Samuel P. Williamson Federal Coordinator for Meteorology


Modular Modeling of Tropical-Cyclone Structure: Support of Global Hawk Missions Frank Fendell Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems