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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology


66th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference Presentations

Theme: Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research: Strength and Success Through Partnerships and Alliances

March 5th – 8th 2012

Charleston, South Carolina

Opening Session

  • Conference Opening and Introduction of Mayor Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator for Meteorology
  • Welcome/Opening Remarks The Honorable Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayor, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Introductory Comments and Introduction of Speaker Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator for Meteorology
  • Invited Speaker: Dr. David Parsons, Director, School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma

Senior Leader Panel: Partnerships - The Key to Tackling Critical Challenges in Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research

Moderator: Mr. Bryan Norcross, The Weather Channel Hurricane Specialist


Session 1a: 2011 View of Working Group for Tropical Cyclone Research (WG/TCR)

Session Leaders: Dr. Frank Marks, Co-Chair WG/TCR and Director Hurricane Research Division (NOAA/AOML) and Dr. Ronald Ferek, Co-Chair WG/TCR and Program Officer Marine Meteorology Program (ONR)

Session 1b: The 2011 Tropical Cyclone Season in Review

Session Leaders: Mr. James Franklin (NCEP/NHC) and Mr. Max Mayfield (Channel 10, WPLG-ABC)

Invited Speaker

Dr. Michael C. Morgan, Director, Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences, National Science Foundation

Session 2a:  Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Updates, Part 1

Session Leader: Ms. Shirley Murillo (AOML/HRD)

Session 2b: Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Updates, Part 2

Session Leader: Dr. Chris Landsea (NCEP/NHC)

Session 3:  Advances in Storm Surge Predictions

Session Leaders: Ms. Jane Smith (USACE/ERDC) and Mr. Jamie Rhome (NCEP/NHC)

Session 4a:  Observations and Observing Strategies for Tropical Cyclones and their Environment, Part 1

Session Leaders: Mr. Chris Velden (University of Wisconsin/CIMSS) and Dr. Mark DeMaria (NOAA/NESDIS)

Session 4b:  Observations and Observing Strategies for Tropical Cyclones and their Environment, Part 2

Session Leaders: Dr. Elizabeth Ritchie (University of Arizona) and Mr. Jeff Hawkins (NRL-Monterey/SAIC)

Session 5a:  Tropical Cyclone Model Development and Technology Transfer, Part 1

Session Leaders: Dr. Lynn “Nick” Shay (University of Miami/RSMAS) and Dr. Michael Fiorino (NOAA/ESRL,GSD)

Session 5b: Tropical Cyclone Model Development and Technology Transfer, Part 2

Session Leaders: Dr. Vijay Tallapragada(NCEP/EMC) and Dr. James Doyle (NRL)

Session 6: Other Research to Improve the Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure, Track, Precipitation, and Coastal and Inland Inundation

Session Leaders: Dr. Peter Black (NRL-Monterey/SAIC) and Dr. Wayne Schubert (CSU)

Invited Speaker

Mr. Brad Rippey, Meteorologist, US Department of Agriculture, Office of the Chief Economist

Conference Banquet

Banquet Address

Mr. Bill Walsh, Lead Meteorologist, Channel 5 (CBS), WCSC, Charleston, SC

Hagemeyer Award Presentation

Mr. Raymond Tanabe, Director, Central Pacific Hurricane Center/Honolulu WFO

2012: Mr. Jeff Hawkins

2011: Dr. Peter G. Black

2010: Dr. Jim Goerss

2009: Dr. Mark DeMaria

2008: Mr. Robert Dumont

2007: Mr. Charles J. “Charlie” Neumann

2006: Dr. Joanne Simpson

2005: Dr. Frank D. Marks, Jr.

2004: Mr. Max Mayfield

2003: Mr. Chris Velden

2002: Prof. Russell Elsberry

Effective Communications:  An Important Key to Saving Lives

Session Leader: Ms. Maria Pirone (Harris Corporation)

Invited Speaker: Mr. Dave Jones, Founder,  President & CEO, StormCenter Communications, Inc.

Panel 1: Effective Communications, Part 1:  Are They Hearing What We’re Saying?

Moderator: Ms. Maria Pirone (Harris Corporation)


Panel 2:  Effective Communications, Part 2: Will They Respond in the Intended Way?

Moderator:  Dr. Brenda D. Phillips,  Professor, Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events, Fire and Emergency Management Program, Department of Political Science, Oklahoma State University


  • Ms. Brenda J. Philips, Director, Industry, Government and End User Partnerships, Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA), University of Massachusetts
  • Mr. Frank Lucia, Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technologies, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Dr. B. Lee Lindner, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, College of Charleston

Final Plenary Session

Session Leader: Dr. Paul Try (OFCM/STC)

  • WG/HWSOR: Action Item Review Dr. Edward Rappaport (NCEP/NHC), Chairperson, WG/HWSOR
  • Effective Communications and Social Science Research Results Dr. Brenda D. Phillips (Oklahoma State University)
  • Conference Wrap-Up Dr. Paul Try (OFCM/STC)
  • Final Wrap-up Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator for Meteorology

Posters For The 66th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference

  • P01: Changes to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) Tropical Disturbance Satellite Rainfall Estimates Jessica Schauer and Wallace Hogsett (NCEP/NHC)
  • P02:Towards Predicting Short-Term Intensity Using TC Structure Patterns from Recon and HURSAT Data Josh Cossuth and Robert Hart (Florida State University)
  • P03: Storm-Centric View of Tropical Cyclone Cold Wakes Joel Scott, Chelle Gentemann, and Deborah Smith (Remote Sensing Systems)
  • P04: A Web-based Interactive Interface for Researching and Forecasting Tropical Cyclone Genesis and Intensity Using the Deviation Angle Variance Technique Elizabeth A. Ritchie1, Wiley Black1, J. Scott Tyo1, M. F. Pineros1, Kimberly M.Wood1, Oscar Rodriguez-Herrera1, Matthew E. Kucas2, and James W. E. Darlow2  (1University of Arizona, 2Joint Typhoon Warning Center)
  • P05: Development of a Hybrid Statistical-Dynamical Wind Speed Probability Model Andrea Schumacher1, Mark DeMaria2, Kate Musgrave1 and John Knaff2 (1Colorado State University/CIRA, 2NOAA/NESDIS)
  • P06: A Case Study of the Intensification of Hurricane Maria (2011) in a Real-Time COAMPS-TC Prediction Jonathan R. Moskaitis, Y. Jin, and J. Doyle (NRL)
  • P07: Diagnostic Verification of Experimental Model Forecasts for Hurricane Irene and Maria Barbara G. Brown, Paul A. Kucera, Louisa Nance, and Christopher L. Williams (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
  • P08: Analysis of Aircraft Observations in Tropical Cyclones Using SAMURAI Michael M. Bell (Naval Postgraduate School)
  • P09: A Comparison of Modeled and Observed Ocean Heat Content Using In-Situ Ocean Observations Collected During Operational Weather Reconnaissance Flights in Tropical Storms Don and Emily (2011) Elliot Hoy, Ian Park, and Elizabeth Sanabia (United States Naval Academy)
  • P10: An Advanced Dropsonde System for Hurricane Reconnaissance and Surveillance 1Mark Beaubien, 2Lee Harrison and 3Peter Black  (1Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc., 2State University of New York at Albany, 3Naval Research Lab/SAIC, Inc.)
  • P11: Real-Time Directional Wave Spectra from the Wide Swath Radar Altimeter Ivan PopStefanija1 and Edward J. Walsh2 (ProSensing, Amherst, MA1; NOAA/ESRL/PSD, Boulder, CO2
  • P12: Real-Time Rain Rate from the Wide Swath Radar Altimeter Ivan PopStefanija1 and Edward J. Walsh2 (ProSensing, Amherst, MA1; NOAA/ESRL/PSD, Boulder, CO2)