63rd Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference

Tropical Cyclone Research: Identifying Gaps and
Focusing Research on Operational Needs.
March 2-5, 2009
St. Petersburg, FL

63rd Interdepartmental Hurrican Conference Summary (pdf - 41KB)

63rd IHC Booklet/Program (pdf - 4.4MB)

Opening Session
  • Welcome/Opening Remarks
The Honorable Rick Baker
Mayor, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Opening Remarks/Introduction
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson
Federal Coordinator
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Panel: Tropical Cyclone Partnership Alliance: A Senior Leader Perspective
Moderator: Dr. Kelvin K. Droegemeier, Associate VP for Research and Director, Sasaki Institute, University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Richard W. Spinrad, Assistant Administrator for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, NOAA
 ppt (17.6MB)
  • Mr. Robert Winokur, Technical Director, Office of the Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy
 ppt (26.6MB)
  • Dr. Jack Kaye, Associate Director for Research, Earth Science Division, NASA
 ppt (22.3MB)
  • Colonel Mark Zettlemoyer, Chief, Integration, Plans & Requirements, Directorate of Weather, Headquarters Air Force
 ppt (3.7MB)
  • RDML David Titley, Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
  • Dr. John “Jack” Hayes, Assistant Administrator for Weather Services, NOAA

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Session 1: The 2008 Tropical Cyclone Season in Review
  • A Year of Destructive Landfalls: Overview of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Jack Beven (NHC) and D. Brown
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  • Overview of the 2008 Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Season
Richard Pasch (NHC) and E. Blake
ppt (40.0MB)
  • 2008 Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific Forecast Verification
James Franklin (NHC)
ppt (4.8MB)
  • Central Pacific 2008 Hurricane Season Summary
Jim Weyman (CPHC)
ppt (3.5MB)
  • A Review of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center 2008 Tropical Cyclone Season
Mr. Robert J. Falvey (JTWC)
ppt (1.3MB)
  • 53d Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Review of the 2008 Hurricane Season
Lt Col Rich Harter (53 WRS)
ppt (3.1MB)
  • NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) 2008 Seasonal Summary and Future Plans

James D. McFadden (NOAA AOC) and J. Parrish

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Invited Presentations
  • Mr. Michael Buckley
    Acting Assistant Administrator, Mitigation Directorate, DHS/FEMA

ppt (1.5MB)
  • Mr. X. William (Bill) Proenza
    Director, National Weather Service Southern Region

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Session 2: Workshop: Identifying Tropical Cyclone Research Needs, Progress and Gaps  
  • Dr. Elizabeth Ritchie, Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona
  • Dr. Frank Marks, Co-Chair, Working Group for Tropical Cyclone Research, NOAA AOML/HRD
 ppt (3.9MB)
  • Dr. Scott Braun, NASA/GSFC
 ppt (311 KB)
  • Dr. Brad Smull, NSF
 ppt (211 KB)
  • Dr. Rob Rogers, NOAA AOML/HRD
 ppt (539 KB)
  • Dr. Ronald Ferek, ONR
 ppt (430 KB)
  • CAPT Michael Angove, Co-Chair, Working Group for Tropical Cyclone Research, Naval Deputy to NOAA

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Session 3: Observations and Observing Strategies for Tropical Cyclones and their Environment, Part 1
  • Examination of the Tropical Cyclone Environment through Comparison of COSMIC with Other Satellite Data
Christopher M. Hill (Northern Gulf Institute, Mississippi State University), P. Fitzpatrick, and Y. Lau
ppt (8.6MB)
  • The Hurricane Satellite (HURSAT) Dataset
Kenneth R. Knapp (NESDIS/NCDC)
ppt (33.2MB)
  • Using Remotely-Sensed Observations to Describe and Predict Tropical Cyclone Formation
Elizabeth A. Ritchie (University of Arizona), M. Piñeros, and J. Scott Tyo
pdf (1.0MB)
  • Moving Toward an Operational Satellite Ocean Surface Vector Winds Capability with a Dual Frequency Scatterometer
Michael Brennan (NWS/NCEP/NHC), P. Chang, Z. Jelenak, R. Knabb, and J. Sienkiewicz
ppt (6.0MB)
  • Developing GOES-R Tropical Cyclone Products via Proxies
John A. Knaff (NESDIS/StAR), D. Hillger, M. DeMaria, J. Gurka
ppt (29.9MB)
  • Measuring the Three-Dimensional Structure of Hurricanes with a Microwave Sounder
Bjorn Lambrigtsen (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
ppt (23.3MB)
  • Arc Clouds in the Tropical Cyclone Environment
Jason P. Dunion (NOAA/AOML/ HRD), C. Velden, and J. Hawkins

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Session 4: Observations and Observing Strategies for Tropical Cyclones and their Environment, Part 2
  • A New Approach for Continuous Mapping of Tropical Cyclone ABL Winds to the Surface from Research and Reconnaissance Aircraft
James Carswell (Remote Sensing Solutions), P. Chang, S. Frasier
ppt (4.1MB)
  • Status of the HIWRAP and URAD Conical Scan Radars for Wind Measurements
Gerald Heymsfield (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), L. Li, J. Carswell, D. Schaubert, J. Cretico, and M. Vega
ppt (5.4MB)
  • Results of First Flight Tests of the Wide Swath Radar Altimeter (WSRA) During the 2008 Hurricane Season
Ivan PopStefanija (ProSensing, Inc.)
ppt (1.2MB)
  • Operational Use of Near-Real-Time Sea Surface Directional Wave Spectra from NOAA Wide Swath Radar Altimeter (WSRA) Range Measurements
Edward J. Walsh (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
ppt (2.8MB)
  • Transmission of Airborne Doppler Data and Analyses to the Ground from the NOAA WP-3D Aircraft during the 2008 Hurricane Season: Quality Control, Analysis and Superobs
John Gamache (NOAA/AOML/HRD), P. Dodge, F. Marks, Jr., F. Zhang, and Y. Weng
ppt (21.8MB)
  • First Results from a High Altitude Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer
Alan S. Goldstein (NOAA/Aircraft Operations Center), and E. Uhlhorn
ppt (1.2MB)
  • Simulation of the Impact of New Aircraft- and Satellite-Based Ocean Surface Wind Measurements on Estimates of Hurricane Intensity

Eric Uhlhorn (NOAA/AOML/HRD), R. Atlas, P. Black, C. Buckley, S. Chen, S. El-Nimri, R. Hood, J. Johnson, L. Jones, T. Miller, and C. Ruf
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Session 5: Observations and Observing Strategies for Tropical Cyclones and their Environment, Part 3
  • Evolving Oceanic and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Measurements During Hurricanes Gustav and Ike
Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS/UM), E. Uhlhorn, R. Lumpkin, P. Meyers, B. Jaimes, J. Brewster, and G. Halliwell
ppt (2.6MB)
  • Flight Test Results of a Differential Absorption Microwave Radar for Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Pressure
Roland Lawrence (Old Dominion University), S. Harrah, B. Lin, P. Hunt, and C. Lipp
ppt (19.4MB)
  • WISDOM System Description and Initial Test Results
Justyna Nicinska (NOAA/OAR), and A. MacDonald
ppt (15.3MB)
  • Coordinated use of Targeted Observations to Improve Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts
Sharanya Majumdar (RSMAS/UM), S. Aberson, P. Harr, S. Jones, R. Langland, T. Nakazawa, M. Peng, C. Reynolds, D. Richardson, C. Velden, M. Weissmann, C.-C. Wu, M. Yamaguchi
pptx (6.4MB)
  • A New Strategy for Tropical Cyclone (TC) Reconnaissance Based on Western Pacific TCS08 Proof of Concept

Peter G. Black (NRL Monterey/SAIC), J. Hawkins, and R. Elsberry
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Poster Session  
P01 Mapping Surface Winds Using Ocean Acoustic Interferometers
Cécile Penland (NOAA/ESRL) and A. Voronovich 
  Poster Preview .pdf (44 KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P02 Surface Wind Vector and Rain Rate Observation Capability of the Future Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD)
Timothy Miller (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center), R. Atlas, M. C. Bailey, P. Black, S. El-Nimri, R. Hood, M. James, J. Johnson, L. Jones, C. Ruf, and E. Uhlhorn 
  Poster Preview .ppt (773KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P03 Methodology for the Determination of 12-Foot Sea Radii for Tropical Cyclones
Jessica Schauer Clark (Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch), H. Cobb, and J. Cangialosi 
  Poster Preview .ppt (2.4MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P04 Sea Surface Roughness Measurements Using GPS Reflectometry in Hurricane Ike (2008)
Valery U. Zavorotny (NOAA/ESRL), D. M. Akos, and E. J. Walsh 
  Poster Preview .ppt (501KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P05 Development of Miniature SFMR Receiver Modules and the Compact-SFMR
Ivan PopStefanija (ProSensing Inc.) 
  Poster Preview .ppt (5.8MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P06 The HFIP High Resolution Hurricane Test
Ligia Bernardet (NOAA/ESRL, also affiliated with Systems Research Group), L. Nance, B. Brown, S. Bao, C. Harrop, J. Wolff, and T. Jensen 
  Poster Preview .ppt (193KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P07 Coupling a High Resolution Hurricane Storm Surge Model to Operational Weather and Ocean Prediction Systems
Yuji Funakoshi (NOAA/NOS/CSDL), J. Feyen, F. Aikman, C. Lozano, and H. Tolman
  Poster Preview .ppt (253KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P08 An Integrated Tropical Cyclone Information System for Research
S. Hristova-Veleva (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Y. Chao, Z. Haddad, B. Knosp, B. Lambrigtsen, P. P. Li, D. Vane, and Q. A. Vu
  Poster Preview .pdf (3.2MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P09 Using NASA’s Real Time Mission Monitor to Manage and Conduct Airborne Science Missions
Michael Goodman (NASA), R. Blakeslee, J. Hall, Y. He, K. Regner, and H. Conover 
  Poster Preview .ppt (2.8MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P10 Use of Total Precipitable Water to Aid Hurricane Rainfall Prediction
Haiyan Jiang (University of Utah), E. J. Zipser, J. B. Halverson, and R. Rogers
  Poster Preview .ppt (903KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P11 Strong Surface Wind Gusts Associated With Heavy Squalls within Hurricane Danny’s (1997) Eyewall
Keith G. Blackwell (Coastal Weather Research Center, University of South Alabama
  Poster Preview .ppt (446KB)
Poster .ppt (__MB)

P12 Hurricanes at Landfall: Rain-Field Sizes and Their Relationship to Environmental Conditions
Corene Matyas (University of Florida) 
  Poster Preview .ppt (592KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P13 Challenges in the Prediction of the Life Cycle of Typhoon Sinlaku (2008)
William A. Komaromi (RSMAS/UM), M. Yamaguchi, E. D. Rappin, S. J. Majumdar, and D. S. Nolan 
  Poster Preview .ppt (741KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P14 The Impact of the Saharan Air Layer on the Development of Hurricanes Irene (2005) and Helene (2006)
Scott A. Braun (NASA/GSFC), J. Sippel, and D. Nolan 
  Poster Preview .ppt (___KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P15 Evaluating Ensemble Track Forecasts of Tropical Cyclones
Peter Finocchio (RSMAS/UM) and S. Majumdar 
  Poster Preview .ppt (167KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P16 The Communication of Tropical Cyclone Emergency Information through Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) Products
Alison Krautkramer (NOAA/NWS/ NHC), C. Lauer, C. Sisko, C. Sampson, A. Schrader, and E. Fukada 
  Poster Preview .ppt (353KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P17 The Near Real-Time and Science Study Satellite Product Suite for the Tropical Cyclone Structure (TCS-08) Field Project
Jeff Hawkins (Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey), J. Turk, K. Richardson, R. Bankert, C. Mitrescu, C. Velden, D. Herndon, T. Wimmers, T. Olander, S. Miller, and J. Kent
  Poster Preview .ppt (3.8MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P18 Improved GOES Utilization for Tropical Cyclone Forecasting
Mark DeMaria (NOAA/NESDIS), J. A. Knaff, A. B. Schumacher, J. Kaplan, D. P. Brown, G. M. Gallina, and J. P. Kossin
  Poster Preview .ppt (478KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P19 The International Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship (IBTrACS)
Kenneth R. Knapp (NOAA/NCDC), M. C. Kruk, and D. H. Levinson
  Poster Preview .ppt (1.5MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P20 Mapping Hurricane Inland Storm Tides
Mike Turco (USGS), J. W. East, M. E. Dorsey, B. D. M, B. E. McCallum, J. L. Pearman, A. H. Sallenger, R. R. Holmes, Jr., D. P. Turnipseed, C. Berenbrock, R. R. Mason, Jr.
  Poster Preview .ppt (__MB)
Poster .ppt (__MB)

Session 6: Tropical Cyclone Model Development and Technology Transfer, Part 1
  • Advancement of the HWRF for Next Generation Hurricane Prediction at NCEP’s Environmental Model Center
Naomi Surgi (NCEP/EMC), R. Tuleya, Q.-Lui, V. Tallapragada, and Y. Kwon
ppt (1.0MB)
  • Hurricane Model Transitions to Operations at NCEP/EMC: A Joint Hurricane Testbed Program
Robert E. Tuleya (NCEP/EMC/SAIC), Y. Kwon, V. Tallapragada, Z. Zhang, Y. Wu, Q. Liu, J. O'Connor, and N. Surgi
ppt (2.0MB)
  • Developing Coupled Tropical Cyclone-Wave-Ocean Models for Transition to Operations
Isaac Ginis (University of Rhode Island), Y. Fan, R. Yablonsky, and B. Thomas
ppt (3.6MB)
  • Coupled Hurricane Atmosphere-Ocean Modeling System (HWRF-HYCOM) and Hurricane Forecast Performance
Hyun-Sook Kim (NCEP/EMC), B. Hundermark, D. Iredell’ Y. Kwon, L. Liu, Q. Liu, C. Lozano, J. O’Connor, N. Surgi, V. Tallapragada, B. Tuleya, and Z. Zhan
ppt (1.9MB)
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Ocean Model Parameterizations for NCEP Operations: Ivan (2004)
Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS/UM), G. Halliwell, J. Brewster, and W. J. Teague
ppt (8.3MB)
  • Upgrades to the GFDN Model for 2009 and Beyond
Morris Bender (GFDL/NOAA), I. Ginis, R. Yablonsky, B. Thomas, C. Dickerman, and R. Stocker
ppt (4.7MB)
  • Application of COAMPS-TC to TCS-08

Richard M. Hodur (NRL Monterey/ SAIC), S. Chen, J. Cummings, J. Doyle, T. Holt, Y. Jin, C.-S. Liou, K. Sashegyi, and J. Schmidt

 ppt (25.7MB)
Session 7: Tropical Cyclone Model Development and Technology Transfer, Part 2
  • Ensemble, Corrected Consensus, and Weighted Consensus TC Track Forecasts
James S. Goerss (NRL Monterey)
ppt (220KB)
  • TC Dressing: A Probabilistic Approach to Providing State-Dependent, Non-Isotropic Forecast Track Error Guidance
Jim Hansen (NRL Monterey) and Jim Goerss
ppt (287KB)
  • Using Partnerships to Meet NOAA’s Needs for its Next Generation Storm Surge System
Jesse Feyen (NOAA/NOS/CSDL), F. Aikman, M. Erickson, H. Tolman, W. Shaffer, A. Taylor, M. Weaks, J. Kuhn, K. Kuipers, J. Rhome, and E. Rappaport
ppt (2.5MB)
  • Sensitivity of the HWRF Model Predic-tion for Hurricane Ophelia (2005) to the Choice of the Cloud and Precipitation Scheme
Yuqing Wang (International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa), and Q. Li
ppt (2.1MB)
  • Experiments of Hurricane Initialization with Airborne Doppler Radar Data for the Advanced-research Hurricane WRF (AHW) Model
Patrick J. Fitzpatrick (Mississippi State University), Q. Xiao, X. Zhang, C. Davis, J. Tuttle, and G. Holland
ppt (4.3MB)
  • Recent Trends In Dynamical Medium-Range Tropical Cyclone Track Prediction And The Role Of Resolution Versus Physics In The ECMWF Model
Mike Fiorino (NOAA/ESRL)
 ppt (2.6MB)
Session 8: Tropical Cyclone Model Development and Technology Transfer, Part 3
  • Model Development for Typhoons at the Japan Meteorological Agency
Munehiko Yamaguchi (RSMAS/UM), T. Komori, M. Nagata, and T. Nakazawa
ppt (9.9MB)
  • The Hurricane Research System: Development of a High Resolution, Non-Hydrostatic Model for Addressing the Need for the Next Generation of Improved Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction
S. G. Gopalakrishnan (NOAA/AOML/ HRD), X. Zhang, K. Yeh, R. Rogers, J.-W. Bao, F. Marks, S. Aberson, and R. Atlas
ppt (19.2MB)
  • Impact of Horizontal Resolution on Rapid Intensity Change Forecasts using the Hurricane Research System
Robert Rogers (NOAA/AOML/HRD), S. Gopalakrishnan, K. Yeh, and X. Zhang
ppt (7.6MB)
  • Impact of Sea Spray on the Balance of Turbulent Kinetic Energy in the Hurricane Surface Boundary Layer
Jian-Wen Bao (NOAA/ESRL), C. W. Fairall, S. A. Michelson, L. Bianco
ppt (630KB)
  • Evaluation of Planetary Boundary Layer Parameterizations in Tropical Cyclones by Comparison of In-Situ Observations and High-Resolution Simulations of Hurricane Isabel (2003)
David S. Nolan (RSMAS/UM), J. A. Zhang, and D. P. Stern
pdf (2.2MB)
  • An Integrated Tropical Cyclone Information System for Research

S. Hristova-Veleva (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Y. Chao, Z. Haddad, B. Knosp, B. Lambrigtsen, P. P. Li, D. Vane, and Q. A. Vu

 ppt (19.8MB)
Session 9: Other Research to Improve the Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure, Track, Precipitation, Coastal and Inland Inundation, Part 1
  • Differential O2 Absorption Barometric Pressure Radar (DIAR_BAR): Improvements in Tropical Storm Forecasts
Qilong Min (State University of New York, Albany, NY), B. Lin, Y. Hu, W. Gong, S. Harrah, R. W. Lawrence, and D. Fralick
ppt (8.2MB)
  • Astronomic Tides, Flows and Hurricane Storm Surge Modeling of the Pascagoula River, Mississippi
Scott C. Hagen (University of Central Florida), N. Takahashi, and Q. Wang

ppt (13.0MB)
  • Toward Modeling of River-Estuary-Ocean Interactions to Enhance Operational River Forecasting in the NOAA National Weather Service
Hassan Mashriqui (NOAA, National Weather Service, Office of Hydrologic Development), S. Reed, and C. Aschwanden
ppt (3.4MB)
  • Sensitivity of an Asymmetric Gradient Wind Model to Sources of Tropical Cyclone Track Information and Implications for Storm Surge Prediction
Craig A. Mattocks (University of North Carolina, Morehead City, NC), and Cristina Forbes
ppt (30.0MB)
  • Surface Windfields and Roughness Derived from Mobile Radar Winds
Joshua Wurman (Center for Severe Weather Research), and K. Kosiba
pdf (13.7MB)
  • Performance of an Objective Model for Identifying Secondary Eyewall Formation in Hurricanes

Matthew Sitkowski (UW-CIMSS) and J. Kossin
 ppt (8.0MB)
Conference Banquet
  Banquet Address: Vice Admiral Roger T. Rufe, Jr., USCG (Ret.) Director, Operations Coordination & Planning, DHS

Presentation of the Richard Hagemeyer Award

Dr. Mark DeMaria --2009

Mr. Robert Dumont--2008
Mr. Charles J. “Charlie” Neumann--2007
Dr. Joanne Simpson--2006
Dr. Frank D. Marks, Jr.--2005
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron--2005 Special
NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center--2005 Special
Mr. Max Mayfield--2004
Mr. Chris Velden--2003
Prof. Russell Elsberry--2002

Session 10: Other Research to Improve the Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure, Track, Precipitation, Coastal and Inland Inundation, Part 2
  • Evaluation of Hurricane Mitigation Hypotheses through an Interactive Program of Observational Analyses and Numerical Simulations
William Woodley (Woodley Weather Consultants), W. Cotton, J. Golden, A. Khain, D. Rosenfeld, and I. Ginis
ppt (5.0MB)
  • Review of NOAA Intensity Forecasting Experiment (IFEX) 2008 Accomplish-ments and Preliminary Plans for 2009
Eric Uhlhorn (NOAA/AOML/ HRD), F. Marks, J. Gamache, S. Aberson, and J. Dunion

ppt (4.4MB)
  • The NHC Visiting Scientist Program
Chris Landsea (NOAA/NWS/NHC)
ppt (6.3MB)
  • Using NASA’s Real Time Mission Monitor to Manage and Conduct Airborne Science Missions
Michael Goodman (NASA), R. Blakeslee, J. Hall, Y. He, K. Regner, and H. Conover
ppt (15.6MB)
  • Bi-Static GPS Results for Hurricane Seasons 2007 and 2008 with Implications to High Altitude UAV Operations

Stephen J. Katzberg (NASA Langley Research Center)
 ppt (589KB)
Session 11: Joint Hurricane Testbed: Project Updates and Plans for the Future
  • The Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): 2009 Update
Jiann-Gwo Jiing (Joint Hurricane Testbed), and C. Landsea and
S. Murillo
ppt (1.4MB)
  • Validation and Processing Tools for the Air Force Reserve Command 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron WC-130J Multi-Aircraft SFMR Systems
James Carswell (Remote Sensing Solutions), D. Robinson, P. Chang, and E. Uhlhorn
ppt (6.4MB)
  • An Improved Wind Probability Program: A Year 2 Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Update
Mark DeMaria (NOAA/NESDIS), S. Kidder, B. Sampson, J. Knaff, C. Lauer, and C. Sisko
ppt (1.9MB)
  • Web-ATCF, User Requirements, and Intensity Consensus

Charles R. Sampson (NRL Monterey) and A. Schrader
 ppt (477KB)
Session 12: Products, Services, and Lessons Learned during the 2008 Tropical Cyclone Season, Part 1
  • SAB 2008 Year in Review
Michael Turk (NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Analysis Branch)
ppt (3.4MB)
  • The Determination of Optimal Thresholds of Tropical Cyclone Incremental Wind Speed Probabilities to Support Expres-sions of Uncertainty in Text Forecasts
Pablo Santos (NOAA/NWS), M. DeMaria, and D. Sharp
ppt (1.7MB)
  • Envirocast® Vision™ TouchTable: Linking Federal Partners to Collaborate, Communicate and Visualize the Hurricane Threat to Decision Makers, Emergency Managers and the Public

Mr. Dave Jones (StormCenter Communications, Inc.)
 ppt (3.1MB)
Session 13: Products, Services, and Lessons Learned during the 2008 Tropical Cyclone Season, Part 2
  • The Digital Hurricane Consortium
John Schroeder (Texas Tech University); M. Biggerstaff, D. Cecil, K. Gurley, A. Kennedy, M. Levitan, F. Masters, M. Powell, and J. Wurman
ppt (8.8MB)
  • Application of the National Hurricane Center Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probability Product to Quantifying Potential Impacts of Hurricane Forecast Improvements
Andrea Schumacher (CIRA, Colorado State University), M. DeMaria, D. Brown, and E. Rappaport
ppt (4.7MB)
  • A Proposed New Storm Surge Scale
Pat Fitzpatrick (Mississippi State University), N. Tran, Y. Lau, Y. Li, and C. Hill
 ppt (3.3MB)
Final Plenary Session
  • WG/HWSOR: Action Item Review
Dr. Edward Rappaport (NHC)
Chairperson, WG/HWSOR
ppt (337 KB)
  • Workshop Wrap-up

    Workshop: Identifying Tropical Cyclone Research Needs, Progress and Gaps

Dr. Frank Marks (NOAA/AOML/HRD)
ppt (262 KB)
  • Final Wrap-up
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson
Federal Coordinator
ppt (3.4MB)