62nd Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference

Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research: Priorities for the Future
March 3-7, 2008
Charleston, SC

62nd Interdepartmental Hurrican Conference Summary (pdf - 49KB)

62nd IHC Booklet/Program (pdf - 1.2MB)

Opening Session
  • Introduction of Mayor
Mr. Howard Chapman
Executive Director, Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority

  • Welcome/Opening Remarks
The Honorable Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
Mayor, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Opening Remarks/Introduction
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson
Federal Coordinator
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  • Keynote Address
Ms. Mary M. Glackin
Deputy Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere (NOAA)

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Panel: Priorities for Tropical Cyclone Research: A Senior Leader Perspective
Moderator: Dr. Elbert W. (Joe) Friday, Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Alexander “Sandy” MacDonald, Deputy Assistant Administrator for NOAA
    Research Laboratories and Cooperative Institutes
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  • Mr. Robert Winokur, Technical Director, Office of the Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy
 ppt (2.8MB)
  • Dr. Jack Kaye, Associate Director for Research, Earth Science Division, NASA
 ppt (11.6MB)
  • Colonel Ralph Stoffler, Air Force Deputy Director of Weather
 ppt (2.9MB)
  • RDML (sel) David Titley, Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
 ppt (14.9MB)
  • Dr. John “Jack” Hayes, Assistant Administrator for Weather Services, NOAA

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Session 1: 2006 Hurricane/Typhoon Season in Review
  • Overview of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Richard D. Knabb (TPC/NHC); and M. Mainelli
ppt (18.3MB)
  • 2007 Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Season Summary
Lixion A. Avila (TPC/NHC)
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  • 2007 Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific Forecast Verification
James L. Franklin (TPC/NHC)
ppt (4.5MB)
  • Overview of the 2007 Central North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season
Raymond Tanabe (CPHC)
ppt (4.5MB)
  • A Review of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center 2007 Tropical Cyclone Season
Lt Col Robert J. Falvey (JTWC)
ppt (3.5MB)
  • 53 WRS 2007 Hurricane Season Reconnaissance Summary
Lt Col Rich Harter (53 WRS)
ppt (4.2MB)
  • NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) 2007 Season Summary and Future Plans

James D. McFadden (NOAA AOC); and J. Parrish

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  • Invited Presentation

    Mr. X. William (Bill) Proenza
    Director, National Weather Service Southern Region

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Session 2: Workshop: Interagency Priorities for Tropical Cyclone Research  
  • Dr. Alexander “Sandy” MacDonald, Deputy Assistant Administrator for NOAAResearch Laboratories and Cooperative Institutes
  • Dr. Frank Marks, NOAA AOML/HRD
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  • Dr. Scott Braun, NASA/GSFC
 ppt (10.5MB)
  • Dr. Simon Chang, Naval Research Laboratory
 ppt (5.3MB)
  • Ms. Pamela Stephens, NSF

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Session 3: Observing the Tropical Cyclone and its Environment, Part 1
  • Use of the Operational Air Force Reserve Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer during the 2007 Hurricane Season
Lt Col Jonathan Talbot (53d Weather Reconnaissance Squadron)
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  • Evaluation of the 2007 Hurricane Season Deployment of Operational SFMR Instruments on the Hurricane Hunter Fleet
Ivan PopStefanija (ProSensing Inc.) and M. Goodberlet
pps (1.3MB)
  • The First Year of SFMR Surface Wind Observations from AFRC WC-130J Aircraft: Impact on Operational Hurricane Forecasts and Warnings, and Outlook for Use in WPAC TCS-08 Experiment
Peter G. Black (Naval Research Laboratory and SAIC, Inc.); and J. Talbot, I. Popstefanija, E. Uhlhorn and J. Franklin
ppt (1.0MB)
  • Radar Sea Level Pressure Remote Sensing for Improvements in Hurricane Predictions
Bing Lin (NASA Langley Research Center); and Q. Min, Y. Hu, S. Harrah, R.Lawrence, and D. Fralick
ppt (6.1MB)
  • Storm Surge Measurement with an Airborne Scanning Radar Altimeter
Edward. J. Walsh (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center); and C. W. Wright, W. B. Krabill, W. A. Shaffer, S. R. Baig, M. Peng, L. J. Pietrafesa, A. W. Garcia, F. D. Marks, Jr., P. G. Black, J. Sonntag, and B. D. Beckley

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Session 4: Observing the Tropical Cyclone and its Environment, Part 2
  • The Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3)
Scott Braun (NASA/GSFC); and M. Craig and P. Newman
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  • CIMSS Satellite Consensus (SATCON) Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Algorithm
Derrick Herndon (Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies) and C. Velden
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  • Baseline Instruments for the GOES-R Series: Providing Major Improvements to Hurricane Observations
James J. Gurka (NOAA/NESDIS); and T. Schmit, T. Renkevens, M. DeMaria, and C. Velden
ppt (40.4MB)
  • Will we soon have a Geostationary Microwave Sounder, and what can we do with it?
Bjorn Lambrigtsen (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
ppt (27.8MB)
  • Initial User Impact Studies of the Next Generation Ocean Surface Vector Wind Scatterometer Mission (XOVWM) in Operational Weather Forecasting and Warning at NOAA

Zorana Jelenak (Center for Satellite Applications and Research) and P. Chang
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Session 5: Observing the Tropical Cyclone and its Environment, Part 3
  • Impact Assessment of Potential Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD) Tropical Cyclone Observations from Aircraft and Satellite Platforms
Robbie Hood (NASA Marshall Space Center); and M.C. Bailey, P. Black, S. Chen, C. Hennon, M. James, J. Johnson, L. Jones, T. Miller, C. Ruf, K.Stephens, and E. Uhlhorn
ppt (4.8MB)
  • GPS-Based Tropical Storm Sensing Results for 2003-2007 Storm Seasons
Stephen J. Katzberg (NASA-Langley Research Center); and B. Lin
ppt (1.6MB)
  • Coastal Ocean Observing Systems: Oceanic Current and Wave Response to Hurricane Jeanne Detected by Wellen Radars
Lynn K. Shay (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science); and J. Martinez-Pedraja, M. Powell, B. Haus, and Jodi Brewster
ppt (3.1MB)
  • Phased Array Radar: Applications to Landfalling Tropical Cyclones
Pam Heinselman (Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies); and D. Forsyth
ppt (94.0MB)
  • Hurricane Mesonet Initiative
Jay Titlow (WeatherFlow, Inc.); and B. Rule and K. Gurley
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Poster Session  
P01 Comparison of Airborne SFMR, Dvorak Satellite and Best Track Maximum Surface Wind Estimates in Atlantic Tropical Cyclones: 1998-2006
Peter. G. Black (Naval Research Lab and SAIC, Inc.); and S. Mullins, C. S. Velden, M. D. Powell, E. W. Uhlhorn, T. L. Olander and A. Burton
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Poster .ppt (2.4MB)
P02 Pacific Islands Land-Ocean Typhoon Experiment (PILOT Experiment) and Typhoon Man-yi at Guam
C. E. Pollock (US Army Engineer R&D Center); and S. J. Boc, A. W. Garcia, J. P. Rhee, and M. A. Merrifield
  Poster Preview .ppt (636KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P03 The Saharan Air Layer and Improved Understanding of Atlantic Hurricane Formation and Intensification: Hope or Hype?
Scott Braun (NASA/GSFC); and C. Shie
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P04 Interactive Hurricane Surge Visualization for Charleston, South Carolina
Frank Alsheimer (National Weather Service); and R. Bright, B. Lindner, G. Miller, D. Timmons and J. Johnson
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P05 Introducing the new CIMSS Tropical Cyclone Web Site
Christopher Velden (University of Wisconsin-CIMSS)
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P06 Chesapeake Inundation Prediction System (CIPS)
Jay Titlow (WeatherFlow, Inc.) and Chesapeake Research Consortium
  Poster Preview .ppt (923KB)
Poster .ppt (__MB)
P07 Status of the NASA High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (HIWRAP)
Gerald Heymsfield (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center); and L. Li, J. Carswell, D. Schaubert, J. Cretico, and M. Vega
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P08 Removed
P09 Monitoring Tropical Cyclone Impacts on Domestic Agriculture at the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Harlan Shannon (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P10 Transportation Resources that May Be Used to Respond to Weather-Related Incidents
Kimberly C. Vásconez (Emergency Transportation Operations Team); and L. Radow
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P11 A Microwave Sounder for Geostationary Orbit
Bjorn Lambrigtsen, JPL
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Poster .ppt (__MB)

Session 6: Tropical Cyclone Modeling and Prediction, Part 1
  • Advancement of the HWRF for Next Generation Hurricane Prediction at NCEP’s Environmental Modeling Center
Naomi Surgi (NCEP/EMC); and
R. Tuleya, Qingfu-Lui,
V. Tallapragada, and Y. Kwon
ppt (2.0MB)
  • Improvements to GFDN Planned for Operational Implementation in 2008
Morris A. Bender (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory); and I. Ginis, R. Yablonsky, and B. Thomas
ppt (1.6MKB)
  • Hurricane Model Transitions to Operations at NCEP/EMC
Robert E. Tuleya (NCEP/EMC); and Y. Kwon, V. Tallapragada, and
N. Surgi
ppt (4.4MB)
  • Modeling of Coupled Wind-Wave-Current Processes in Hurricanes
Isaac Ginis (Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island); and Y. Fan, T. Hara and B. Thomas
ppt (4.3MB)
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Ocean Model Parameterizations for NCEP Operations
Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS); and G. Halliwell, J. Brewster, W. J. Teague
ppt (5.2MB)
  • Impact of Satellite Observations on Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts

James S. Goerss (Naval Research Laboratory)
 ppt (215KB)
Session 7: Tropical Cyclone Modeling and Prediction, Part 2
  • The Impact of Horizontal Resolution on the Structure and Intensity of Hurricane Dennis in HWRF Simulations
Robert Rogers (NOAA/AOML Hurricane Research Division) and
S. Gopalakrishnan
ppt (2.2MB)
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Spray-Modified Air-Sea Enthalpy and Momentum Flux Parameterizations for Operational Hurricane Prediction
Jian-Wen Bao (NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory); and C. Fairall, S. Michelson, and L. Bianco
ppt (568KB)
  • Prediction of Consensus TC Track Forecast Error and Correctors to Improve Consensus TC Track Forecasts
James S. Goerss (Naval Research Laboratory)
ppt (306KB)
  • An Objective Tool for Identifying Hurricane Secondary Eyewall Formationina
James Kossin (Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies) and M. Sitkowski
ppt (5.1MB)
  • The Quality of Pre-Advisory Model Guidance
Mike Fiorino (Techniques Develop-ment and Applications Unit, NHC)
ppt (2.9MB)
  • Tropical Cyclone Dressing: Next-Generation Goerss Predicted Consensus Error (GPCE)

Jim Hansen (Naval Research Laboratory)
 ppt (1.6MB)
Session 8: Field Experiments and Other Hurricane-related Research/Projects
  • An Overview of the THORPEX-Pacific Asian Regional Campaign (T-PARC) during August-September 2008
Patrick Harr (Naval Postgraduate School); and R. Elsberry, D. Parsons and J. Moore
ppt (3.9MB)
  • Tropical Cyclone Structure (TCS08) Field Experiment in the Western North Pacific During 2008
Russell L. Elsberry (Naval Post-graduate School); and R. Ferek, S. Chang, D. Eleuterio, and P. Harr
ppt (2.5MB)
  • A review of the NOAA IFEX hurricane field experiments conducted in 2007
John Gamache (NOAA/AOML Hurricane Research Division)
ppt (13.5MB)
  • Research on Landfalling Hurricanes Utilizing Mobile Research Platforms
Kevin Knupp (University of Alabama in Huntsville); and D. Cecil, W. Petersen, and L. Carey
ppt (12.6MB)
  • A Roadmap for a Seamless Topobathy Surface
Lindy Dingerson (NOAA Coastal Services Center)
ppt (7.3MB)
  • Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) Flood Inundation Maps

Douglas C. Marcy (NOAA Coastal Services Center); and G. Austin, T. Graziano, and V. Hom
 ppt (9.8MB)
Session 9: Joint Hurricane Testbed: Project Updates and Plans for the Future
  • The Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): 2008 Update
Jiann-Gwo Jiing (Joint Hurricane Testbed); and C. Landsea and
S. Murillo
ppt (1.2MB)
  • An Improved Wind Probability Program: A Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Update
Mark DeMaria (NOAA/NESDIS); and S. Kidder, P. Harr, J. Knaff, and C. Lauer

ppt (2.1MB)
  • Operational Use of Near-Real-Time Sea Surface Directional Wave Spectra Generated from NOAA Scanning Radar Altimeter Range Measurements
Edward J. Walsh (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
ppt (406KB)
  • Validation and Processing Tools for the Air Force Reserve Command 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron WC-130J Multi-Aircraft SFMR Systems
James Carswell (Remote Sensing Solutions); and P. Black, E. Uhlhorn, and P. Chang
ppt (2.5MB)
  • Web-ATCF, User Requirements, and Intensity Consensus
Charles R. Sampson (Naval Research Laboratory); and A. Schrader,
C. Sisko, C. Lauer and
A. Krautkramer
ppt (3.2MB)
  • High Wind Drag Coefficient and Sea Surface Roughness in Shallow Water

Mark D. Powell (NOAA/AOML Hurricane Research Division
 pdf (4.2MB)
Conference Banquet
  Banquet Address: Dr. Steve Lyons, Tropical Weather Expert
The Weather Channel

ppt (8.8MB)
Presentation of the Richard Hagemeyer Award

Mr. Robert Dumont--2008

Mr. Charles J. “Charlie” Neumann--2007
Dr. Joanne Simpson--2006
Dr. Frank D. Marks, Jr.--2005
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron--2005 Special
NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center--2005 Special
Mr. Max Mayfield--2004
Mr. Chris Velden--2003
Prof. Russell Elsberry--2002

Session 10: Products and Services
  • FEMA’s Utilization of Tropical Forecasts and Other Products
Michael Buckley (Mitigation Directorate, FEMA)
ppt (1.7MB)
  • A Preliminary Verification of the National Hurricane Center’s Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probability Forecast Product
Jaclyn A. Shafer (Florida Institute of Technology); and M. McAleenan,
W. Roeder, K. Winters, S. Lazarus, and M. Splitt

ppt (1.4MB)
  • Verification of NHC Forecasts of Extratropical Transition
Jack Beven (National Hurricane Center)
ppt (425KB)
  • The NESDIS Tropical Cyclone Formation Probability Product: An Overview of Past Performance and Future Plans
Andrea B. Schumacher (CIRA); and M. DeMaria, J. Knaff, and D. Brown
ppt (1.6MB)
  • New and Updated Operational Tropical Cyclone Wind Products
John A. Knaff (NESDIS/StAR – RAMMB); and A. Krautkramer, M. DeMaria, and A. Schumacher
ppt (1.1MB)
  • The Experimental Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook (GTWO): 2007 Results and Future Plans
Jamie R. Rhome (National Hurricane Center); and D. Brown, J. Franklin,
C. Landsea, C. Lauer, and C. Juckins
 ppt (2.5MB)
 Session 11: Workshop - Strong Local Partnerships: The Keys to Success  
  • Dr. Denise Stephenson Hawk, NCAR Associate Director and Director of the SERE Laboratory
 ppt (3.7MB)
  • Ms. Cathy Haynes, Director, Charleston County Emergency Preparedness Division
  • Mr. Walt Dickerson, Director, Mobile County Emergency Management Agency
 pptx (8.4MB)
  • Mr. Michael Emlaw, Meteorologist-in-Charge, NWS Weather Forecast Office, Charleston, SC
 ppt (10.1MB)
  • Dr. Betty Hearn Morrow, Professor Emeritus Florida International University, Consulting Sociologist
 pdf (170KB)
  • Ms. Naomi Moye, Hazards Communications Consultant
 ppt (2.0MB)
  • Mr. Ronald Glaser, Sandia National Laboratories, Program Manager, Integrated Public Alert and Warning System
 ppt (3.1MB)
Final Plenary Session
  • WG/HWSOR: Action Item Review
Dr. Edward Rappaport (Chairperson, WG/HWSOR)
ppt (334 KB)
  • Workshop: Interagency Priorities for Tropical Cyclone Research
Dr. Paul D. Try (OFCM/STC)
ppt (540 KB)
  • Workshop: Strong Local Partnerships: The Keys to Success
Dr. Denise Stephenson Hawk (NCAR Associate Director and Director of the SERE Laboratory)
ppt (342 KB)
  • Final Wrap-up
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator
ppt (1.3MB)