61st Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference

The Nation’s Hurricane Program: An Interagency Success Story
March 5-9, 2007
New Orleans, LA

61st Interdepartmental Hurrican Conference Summary (pdf - 37 KB)

61st IHC Booklet/Program (pdf - 1.6MB)

Opening Session
  • Welcoming Remarks
Colonel Terry J. Ebbert, USMC (Ret.)
Director of Homeland Security, City of New Orleans

  • Opening Remarks/Introduction
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson
Federal Coordinator
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  • Keynote Address
VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., USN (ret.)
Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere/
NOAA Administrator

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  • Special Remarks on behalf of Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
Brigadier General Hunt Downer
Assistant Adjutant General, Louisiana National Guard

Panel: Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones - A View from the Top
Moderator: Dr. Robert Serafin, NCAR Director Emeritus
  • Dr. Richard Spinrad, Assistant Administrator for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, NOAA
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  • Dr. Jack Kaye, Associate Director for Research, Earth Science Division, NASA Headquarters
 ppt (20.7MB)
  • Dr. Stephan Nelson, Program Director, Physical and Dynamic Meteorology, NSF
 ppt (9.7MB)
  • Mr. William Curry, Deputy Technical Director, Oceanographer of the Navy
 ppt (5.4MB)
  • Mr. X. William (Bill) Proenza, Director, Tropical Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center, NOAA/NWS

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Session 1: 2006 Hurricane/Typhoon Season in Review
  • Overview of the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Richard D. Knabb (TPC/NHC); and D. Brown
ppt (57.1MB)
  • 2006 Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Season Summary
Richard J. Pasch (TPC/NHC); and E. Blake
ppt (117.0MB)
  • Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific Forecast Verification
James L. Franklin (TPC/NHC)
ppt (4.5MB)
  • Overview of the 2006 Central North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season
James Weyman (CPHC); and A. Nash
ppt (2.2MB)
  • A Review of the Joint Typhoon Warning Center 2006 Tropical Cyclone Season
Edward M. Fukada (JTWC)
ppt (4.9MB)
  • 53 WRS 2006 Hurricane Season Reconnaissance Summary
Lt Col Rich Harter (53 WRS)
ppt (5.5MB)
  • NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) 2006 Season Summary and Future Plans

James D. McFadden (NOAA AOC); and J. Parrish

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Session 2: Workshop: Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones: The Way Ahead  
  • Dr. Paul D. Try, Senior Vice President, Science and Technology Corporation
  • Mr. Mark Welshinger, OFCM
 ppt (366KB)
  • Dr. Frank Marks, HRD
 ppt (11.9MB)
  • Dr. Ramesh Kakar, NASA
 ppt (18.5MB)
  • Dr. Naomi Surgi, NCEP
 ppt (1.1MB)
  • Dr. Richard Hodur, NRL-Monterey
 ppt (2.6MB)
  • Dr. Isaac Ginis, University of Rhode Island

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Session 3: Observations and Observing Strategies, Part 1
  • Double (Concentric) Eyewalls in Hurricane Katrina at Landfall: A Key to the Storm’s Huge Size and Devastating Impact over a Three-State Coastal Region
Keith G. Blackwell (Univ. of South Alabama); and P. Fitzpatrick,
C. Velden, and T. Wimmers
ppt (15.9MB)
  • Texas Tech University’s Rapid Deployment Surface Observing System
Ian M. Giammanco (Texas Tech University); and J. Schroeder and B. Hirth
ppt (17.1MB)
  • Observations of the Coastal Oceanic Response to Hurricane Ivan: Implications for Hurricane Intensity Change
Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS/UM); and G. Halliwell and W. Teague
ppt (4.9MB)
  • Status of Transitioning the SFMR from Research to Operations on the WC-130J
Lt Col Jonathan Talbot (53 WRS)
ppt (22.2MB)
  • Toward an Integrated Air-Sea Real-Time Airborne Observing System for Landfalling Hurricanes
Peter G. Black (HRD); and J. Gamache, E. Uhlhorn, E. Walsh, P. Chang, I. Popstefanija, J. Carswell, A. Goldstein, and R. Lumpkin
ppt (14.7MB)
  • CIMSS Satellite Consensus (SATCON) Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation Algorithm

Derrick Herndon (CIMSS); and C. Velden)
 ppt (904KB)
Session 4: Observations and Observing Strategies, Part 2
  • Mobile Ground-Based Observations of Landfalling Hurricanes: Current Capabilities and Future Plans
Kevin Knupp (Univ. of Alabama/Huntsville); and W. Peterson and D. Cecil
ppt (9.7MB)
  • NASA High-Altitude Precipitation/Wind Radars for Hurricane Research
Gerald Heymsfield (NASA/GSFC); and L. Li, J. Carswell, D. Schaubert, and J. Cretico
ppt (6.5MB)
  • Potential Applications of the Proposed Phased Array Doppler Radar on the NSF/NCAR C-130 in Hurricane Reconnaissance
Wen-Chau Lee (NCAR); and J. Vivekanandan, E. Loew, and J. Moore
ppt (2.7MB)
  • The Operational Impact of and Future Requirements for Satellite Ocean Vector Winds in Tropical Cyclone Analysis
Michael J. Brennan (TPC/NHC); and R. Knabb, P. Chang, J. Sienkiewicz,
Z. Jelenak, and K. Schrab
ppt (6.5MB)
  • Development of the Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD) Using a Systems Engineering Approach
Robbie Hood (NASA/MSC); and R. Amarin, M. Bailey, P. Black, M. James,
J. Johnson,L. Jones, B. Lim, C. Ruf, K. Stephens, and V. Rohwedder
ppt (6.3MB)
  • Baseline Instruments for the GOES-R Series: Providing Major Improvements to Hurricane Observations

Thomas M. Renkevens (NESDIS); and J. Gurka, T. Schmit, and M. DeMaria
 ppt (35.2MB)
Session 5: Modeling and Forecasting Intensity, Structure, Sea State, and Track: Prospects for the 2007 Season and Beyond, Part 1
  • Advanced Hurricane Prediction at NCEP’s Environmental Model Center: The Operational Implementation of the HWRF
Naomi Surgi (NCEP)
ppt (6.9MB)
  • Transition of GFDL Hurricane Prediction System to HWRF: A JHT-Funded Project
Morris A. Bender (GFDL); T. Marchok, I. Ginnis, B. Thomas, and R. Tuleya
ppt (1.0MB)
  • Hurricane Model Transitions to Operations at NCEP/EMC: A JHT-Funded Project
Robert E. Tuyela (NCEP); and S. Gopalkrishnan, V. Tallapragada,
Y. Kwon, and N.Surgi
ppt (4.0MB)
  • Ocean Initialization System for Coupled Hurricane-Ocean Models and its Transition to HWRF
Isaac Ginis (University of Rhode Island); and R. Yablonsky
ppt (2.1MB)
  • Evaluation of the Simulated Oceanic Response to Hurricane Ivan in Comparison to High-Quality Ocean Observations
George R. Halliwell (RSMAS/UM); and L. Shay and W. Teague
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Poster Session  
P01 Application of TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis and MODIS Aerosols to Hurricane Studies
Scott A. Braun (NASA/GSFC)
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P02 Verification of the National Hurricane Center’s Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Tropical Weather Outlooks
Daniel P. Brown (TPC/NHC); and J. Rhome
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P03 Introduction of an Inundation Analysis of Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina
Kathleen Egan (NOS/CO-OPS); and L. Huang and L. Fenstermacher
  Poster Preview .ppt (399KB)

Poster .ppt (3.0MB)
P04 NOS Storm Surge Partnership Project: Improving Gulf Coast Storm Surge Modeling, Tools, and Methodologies
Jesse Feyen (NOS); and F. Aikman, D. Marcy, E. Myers, J. Woolard,
S. White, L. Dingerson, and J. Towers
  Poster Preview .ppt (994KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P05 A Comparison of COSMIS, AIRS, Terra, and Aqua Temperature and Moisture Profiles against Dropsondes in 2006 Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Pat Fitzpatrick (Mississippi State University); and Y.Lau, S. Bhate, and C. Hill
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P06 The HRD Hurricane Field Program - 2006 and 2007
John Gamache(HRD); and J. Dunion, J. Cione, and E. Uhlhorn
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Poster .ppt (__MB)
P07 Contributions of Satellite Microwave Data to Hurricane Research and Operations
Kyle Hilburn (Remote Sensing Systems); and C. Gentemann,
D. Smith, and F. Wentz
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Poster .pdf (3.8MB)
P08 Improvements in QuikSCAT Near-Real-Time Wind Processing Implemented at NOAA/NESDIS
Zorana Jelenak (NESDIS); and P. Chang and M. Brennan
  Poster Preview .ppt (1.0MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P09 The University of South Alabama Center for Hurricane Intensity and Landfall Research
Systke K. Kimball (Univ. of South Alabama); and P. Black, N.Surgi, and J. Proni
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Poster .ppt (19.1MB)
P10 Structure and Evolution of Rainfall in Modeled Hurricanes at Landfall
Systke K. Kimball (Univ. of South Alabama)
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Poster .ppt (1.7MB)
P11 Introducing the CIRA/NESDIS – Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch Tropical Cyclone Web Page
John A. Knaff (NESDIS/ORA); and M. DeMaria, A. Krautkramer,
B. Sampson, and G. Goni
  Poster Preview .ppt (327KB)

Poster .ppt (1.7MB)
P12 A GIS Analysis of Radar and Surface Wind Data from a Landfalling Hurricane
Corene Matyas (University of Florida)
  Poster Preview .ppt (4.8MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P13 Visualizing the Temporal and Spatial Extent of Hurricane Storm Surge
Brian McCallum (USGS); and Marge Davenport (presenting) B. McGee,
C. Berenbrock, and R. Mason
  Poster Preview .ppt (77KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P14 Implementation of Data Validation Algorithms in the Operational SFMR
Ivan PopStefanija (ProSensing, Inc.); and M. Goodberlet,
A. Goldstein, and P. Black
  Poster Preview .ppt (89KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P15 Operational Measurement of Hurricane Surface Waves
Ivan PopStefanija (ProSensing, Inc.); and P. Black
  Poster Preview .ppt (765KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P16 Surface Water and Flood Monitoring of Landfalling Hurricane Precipitation Using Airborne Passive Microwave Technology
Courtney R. Radley (University Space Research Association); and
F. LaFontaine, R. Hood, and J. Mels
  Poster Preview .ppt (534KB)

Poster .ppt (3.9MB)
P17 A New Tropical Cyclone Formation Product: Operational Implementation for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific in 2006 and Extension to the Western N. Pacific in 2007
Andrea B Schumacher (CIRA); and M. DeMaria, J. Knaff,
A. Irving, and N. Merckle
  Poster Preview .ppt (668KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P18 West African Dust Outbreaks and the Relationship with North Atlantic Hurricane Activity
Amato Evan (CIMSS); and C. Velden, and A. Heidinger
  Poster Preview .ppt (1.4MB)

Poster .ppt (1.8MB)
P19 Probabilistic Hurricane Forecasts for Risk Management
Thomas Nehrkorn (Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.); and R. Hoffman
Poster Preview .pdf (96KB)

Poster .ppt (494 KB)
Session 6: Modeling and Forecasting Intensity, Structure, Sea State, and Track: Prospects for the 2007 Season and Beyond, Part 2
  • Diabatic Digital Filter Initialization for Tropical Cyclone Model Forecasting
Chi-Sann Liou (NRL-Monterey)
ppt (997KB)
  • Prediction of Consensus TC Track Forecast Error and Correctors to Improve Consensus TC Track Forecasts
James S. Goerss (NRL-Monterey)
ppt (290KB)
  • Performance of the ECMWF High-Resolution Global Model and its Impact on Consensus during the 2006 Northern Hemisphere Season
Michael Fiorino (TPC/NHC)
ppt (2.3MB)
  • Operational Implementation of an Objective Annular Hurricane Index
Andrea B. Schumacher (CIRA); and J. Knaff, T. Cram, M. Demaria, and J. Kossin
ppt (1.2MB)
  • A Technique to Predict the Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones
Elizabeth A. Ritchie (University of Arizona); and J. S. Tyo and O. Demirci
ppt (2.0MB)
  • Understanding Wind/Wave Forcing of the St. Johns River

Scott C. Hagen (University of Central Florida); and Y. Funaksohi and A. Cox
 ppt (21.4MB)
Session 7: Damaging Winds, Precipitation, and Storm Surge: Physical and Socioeconomic Impacts of Landfalling Storms
  • Hurricane Damages 1900 to 2005 – Why Do the Losses Keep Going Up?
Roger Pielke Jr. (University of Colorado); and Chris Landsea (presenting) and J.Gratz
ppt (17.1MB)
  • Interagency Coordination in Hurricane Wind and Storm Surge Hazard Reduction
John Gaynor (NOAA/OAR)
ppt (2.3MB)
  • Storm Surge/Flooding Disaster Mitigation
Joseph W. Swaykos (University of Southern Mississippi)
ppt (11.9MB)
  • Barrier Island Failure during Hurricane Katrina
Asbury H. Sallenger, Jr. (USGS); and C. Wright and J. Lillycrop
ppt (8.5MB)
  • NOAA’s Response to Hurricane Impacts on Ports, Harbors, Navigation Channels and the Surveying for Debris and Hurricane Hazards that Pose a Risk to Commercial Fishing, Shrimping, and Recreational Boating
Tim Osborn (NOAA Office of Coast Survey); and E. Martin, P. Fink and C. Moegling
ppt (51.1MB)
  • Using GIS to Map the Impacts of Marine Debris Left in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Brendan M. Bray (NOS)
 ppt (8.7MB)
Session 8: Research to Operations: The Latest on the Joint Hurricane Testbed and Future Plans
  • Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): 2006 Update
Jiann-Gwo Jiing (TPC/NHC); and C. Landsea and S. Murillo
ppt (2.3MB)
  • Development and Implementation of NHC/JHT Products in ATCF
Charles R. (Buck) Sampson (NRL-Monterey)
ppt (511KB)
  • Assimilating Moisture Information from Global Positioning System (GPS) Dropwindsondes into the NOAA Global Forecast System
Jason P. Dunion (HRD); and S. Aberson
ppt (11.0MB)
  • Verification of the Monte Carlo Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probabilities: A Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Update
John A. Knaff (NESDIS/ORA); and M. DeMaria and C. Lauer
ppt (6.0MB)
  • Tropical Cyclone Wind Radii Estimation Utilizing an Empirical Inland Wind Decay Model
John Kaplan, (HRD); and M. DeMaria, N. Carrasco, and J. Dunion
ppt (4.2MB)
  • VORTAC—A Utility to Deduce Central Pressure and Radius of Maximum Wind of Landfalling Tropical Cyclones Using WSR-88D Data
Wen-Chau Lee (NCAR); and P. Harasti and M. Bell
ppt (2.1MB)
  • Mapping of Topographic Effects of Maximum Sustained Surface Wind Speeds in Landfalling Hurricanes
Craig Miller (Univ. of Western Ontario)
ppt (2.6MB)
  • Operational SFMR-NAWIPS Airborne Processing and Data Distribution Products
James Carswell (Remote Sensing Solutions); and P. Chang, T. Mavor,
P. Black, and E. Uhlhorn
ppt (1.5MB)
  • Improved Statistical Intensity Forecast Models: A Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Year 2 Progress Report
Mark DeMaria (NESDIS/ORA); and J. Knaff and J.Kaplan
ppt (358KB)
  • Eastern Pacific Ocean Heat Content Estimates for SHIPS Forecasting
Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS/UM) and J. Brewster
ppt (754KB)
  • Statistical Hurricane Intensity Prediction Scheme with Microwave Imagery (SHIPS-MI): Results from 2006
Daniel J. Cecil (Univ. of Alabama/Huntsville
ppt (867KB)
  • Drag Coefficient Distribution and Wind Speed Dependence in Tropical Cyclones

Mark D. Powell (HRD); and Frank Marks (presenting)
 pdf (2.5MB)
Conference Banquet
  Banquet Address: Mr. John M. Barry, Best-Selling Author, 2006 Abel Wolman Lecturer about Hurricane Katrina, and Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Center for Bioenvironmental Research of Tulane and Xavier Universities

ppt (272KB)
Presentation of the Richard Hagemeyer Award

Mr. Charles J. “Charlie” Neumann--2007

Dr. Joanne Simpson--2006
Dr. Frank D. Marks, Jr.--2005
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron--2005 Special
NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center--2005 Special
Mr. Max Mayfield--2004
Mr. Chris Velden--2003
Prof. Russell Elsberry--2002

Session 9: Decision-making Products and Services
  • The Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast System (ATCF): An Interagency Success Story
Stephen Barlow (JTWC) and Chris Sisko (TPC/NHC)
ppt (3.8MB)
  • Long-Term Trends in National Hurricane Center Watches and Warnings
Mark DeMaria (NESDIS/ORA); and J. Franklin
ppt (390KB)
  • When Hurricanes Strike: Interagency Requirements for Agricultural Assessments
Brad Rippey (USDA)
ppt (5.7MB)
  • Operational Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probability Products
Richard D. Knabb (TPC/NHC)
ppt (1.9MB)
  • Exploring the Concept of a Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook
Jamie R. Rhome (TPC/NHC); and D. Brown
ppt (3.4MB)
  • NOAA’s Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts: Climate Factors Influencing the 2006 Season and a Look Ahead for 2007

Eric Blake (TPC/NHC); and G. Bell, M. Chelliah, T. Kimberlain, C. Landsea,
R. Pasch, and S. Goldenberg
 ppt (1.7MB)
 Session 10: Workshop: Hazard Risk Reduction through Stronger Partnerships and Alliances  
  • Mr. Bryan Norcross, Director of Meteorology, WFOR, CBS4,
    Miami, Florida
  • Mr. Kenneth Graham, Chief, Meteorological Services Division, Office of
    Climate, Weather, and Water Services, NWS
 ppt (868KB)
  • Mr. Michael Buckley, Deputy Director, Mitigation Division, FEMA
 ppt (21.6MB)
  • Ms. Marge Davenport, Associate Regional Executive, USGS
 pdf (7.4MB)
  • Dr. Steve Lyons, Tropical Weather Expert, The Weather Channel
 ppt (1.3MB)
  • Mr. Walt Dickerson, Director, Mobile County Emergency Management

 ppt (2.2MB)
Final Plenary Session
  • WG/HWSOR: Action Item Review
Dr. Edward Rappaport (Chairperson, WG/HWSOR)
ppt (294 KB)
  • Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones: The Way Ahead
Dr. Paul D. Try (OFCM/STC)
ppt (162 KB)
  • Hazard Risk Reduction through Stronger Partnerships and Alliances
Dr. Betty Hearn Morrow (OFCM/STC) and Ms. Naomi Moye (OFCM/STC)
ppt (16 KB)
ppt (17 KB)
ppt (14 KB)
  • Final Wrap-up
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator
ppt (555 KB)