60th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference

Hurricane Season 2006: Building on the Historic 2005 Season
March 20-24, 2006
Mobile, AL

60th Interdepartmental Hurrican Conference Summary (pdf - 163 KB)
Opening Session
  • Welcoming Remarks
The Honorable Samuel L. Jones
Mayor of Mobile
  • Opening Remarks/Introduction
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson
Federal Coordinator
ppt (2.7MB)
  • Keynote Address
VADM Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., USN (ret.)
Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere/
NOAA Administrator
Proposed Topic: The Power of Partnerships

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Panel: Policy Partnerships in Tropical Cyclone Research and Operations
Moderator: Dr. Aaron “Bill” Williams, Director, Coastal Weather Research Center; Associate Professor of Geography; and Coordinator of Meteorology, University of South Alabama
  • Dr. Margaret Leinen, Assistant Director for Geosciences, NSF
 ppt (13.8MB)
  • Dr. Jack Kaye, Director of the Research and Analysis Program within the NASA Earth-Sun System Division
 ppt (24.6MB)
  • Mr. Michael Buckley, Acting Deputy Director, Mitigation Division, FEMA
 ppt (298 KB)
  • Mr. Robert Winokur, Technical Director, Office of the Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy

 ppt (6.8MB)
Session 1: 2005 Hurricane/Typhoon Season in Review
  • A Record Smasher: Overview of the 2005 Hurricane Season
Dr. Jack Beven (TPC/NHC)
ppt (192.3MB)
  • 2005 NHC Forecast Verification
Mr. James Franklin (TPC/NHC)
ppt (4.4MB)
  • Review of the 2005 Central Pacific Hurricane Season
Mr. James Weyman (CPHC)
ppt (9.6MB)
  • Joint Typhoon Warning Center: 2005 Year in Review
Lt Col Amanda Preble (JTWC)
ppt (4.0MB)
  • Air Force Weather Agency Satellite Surveillance—2005 Tropical Cyclone Season
Mr. Charles Holliday (AFWA)
ppt (2.6MB)
  • A Review of Radar Operations at the Tropical Prediction Center during the 2005 Hurricane Season

Mr. Colin McAdie (TPC/NHC)

ppt (3.6MB)
Invited Presentation
Mr. X. William (Bill) Proenza
Director, National Weather Service Southern Region
Reflections on a Historic Hurricane Season

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Session 2: Observing the Tropical Cyclone and its Environment from Genesis to Post Storm:
Current Capabilities to Future Requirements
  • Session Leader Summary
Mr. Chris Velden (UW-CIMSS)
ppt (194 KB)
  • 53 WRS 2005 Hurricane Season Reconnaissance Summary
Lt Col Steve Renwick (53 WRS)
ppt (19.6MB)
  • NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) Flight Activities—2005 Hurricane Season
Mr. Jack Parrish and Dr. James McFadden (NOAA AOC)
ppt (20.2MB)
  • Synthesis of SFMR and Airborne Doppler Radar Observations in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita at Landfall
Dr. Peter Black (HRD), et.al.
ppt (3.3MB)
  • Atmospheric Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon!
Dr. James Carswell (Remote Sensing Systems), et.al.
ppt (1.9MB)
  • NASA Airborne Hurricane Observations: Recent Experiences and Expectations Related to New Platform Capability
Mr. David Wright (NASA/DFRC), et.al.
ppt (2.5MB)
  • Potential Role of UAS in Hurricane Research
Ms. Sara Summers (NOAA/ESRL)
ppt (14.4MB)
  • Using Large Ensembles of Low-Cost Lagrangian Drifters for Tropical Cyclone Forecasting and Analysis
Dr. John Manobianco (ENSCO Inc.), et.al.
ppt (3.1MB)
  • Satellite-based Tropical Cyclone Current Intensity Consensus (SATCON)
Mr. Derrick Herndon and Mr. Chris Velden (UW-CIMSS)
pdf (1.1MB)
  • NOAA/NESDIS Near-Real Time Wind Vectors from WindSat Polarimetric Measurements
Dr. Paul S. Chang (NESDIS), et.al.
ppt (6.0MB)
  • ‘MIMIC’ Morphed Microwave Animations: 2005 TCs and New Displays
Mr. Anthony Wimmers and Mr. Chris Velden (UW-CIMSS)
ppt (4.1MB)
  • Development of a Secondary Eyewall Formation Index for Improvement of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasting
Dr. James Kossin (UW-CIMSS), et.al.
ppt (1.3MB)
  • The Hurricane Rainbands and Intensity Change Experiment (RAINEX): Observations and Modeling of the 2005 Hurricanes Katrina, Ophelia, and Rita

Dr. Shuyi Chen (RSMAS/UM) and Dr. Robert Houze (Univ. of Washington)
 ppt (9.8MB)
Session 3: Tropical Cyclone Modeling and Prediction
  • The Hurricane WRF (HWRF): Addressing our Nation’s Next Generation Hurricane Forecast Problems
Dr. Naomi Surgi (NCEP), et.al.
ppt (2.9MB)
  • Summary of GFDL Model Upgrades for the 2006 Hurricane Season—A JHT Project Update
Mr. Morris A. Bender and Mr. Timothy P. Marchok (GFDL)
ppt (9.7MB)
  • Evaluation of the GFDL Coupled Hurricane-Wave-Ocean Prediction System for Transition to Operations—A JHT Project Update
Dr. Isaac Ginis (URI), et.al.
ppt (3.6MB)
  • Hurricane Model Transitions to Operations at NCEP/EMC
Mr. Robert E. Tuleya (NCEP/SAIC), et.al.
ppt (4.1MB)
  • Operational Wave Modeling at NCEP beyond 2005
Dr. Hendrik L. Tolman (NCEP/SAIC)
ppt (2.2MB)
  • Dynamic Initialization to Improve Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Structure Forecasts—A JHT Project Update
Dr. Chi-Sann Liou (NRL)
ppt (1.0MB)
  • Impact of Satellite Observations and Forecast Model Improvements on Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts
Dr. James S. Goerss and Dr. Timothy F. Hogan (NRL-Monterey)
ppt (136 KB)
  • Improving the Validation and Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Rainfall
Mr. Timothy P. Marchok (GFDL), et.al.
ppt (2.2MB)
  • Application of Ocean Heat Content to Operational Forecasting during the 2004 and 2005 Hurricane Seasons
Ms. Michelle Mainelli (TPC/NHC), Dr. Mark DeMaria (NESDIS) presenting, et.al.
ppt (695 KB)
  • On Forecasting Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma with the NOPP Project
Dr. Hans C. Graber (RSMAS/UM) and the NOPP Team
ppt (5.5MB)
  • Tropical Transition: The Genesis of Tropical Cyclones from Extratropical Disturbances
Dr. Christopher Davis (NCAR) and Dr. Lance F. Bosart (Univ. at Albany/SUNY)
ppt (10.6MB)
  • Performance of the Florida State University Hurricane Superensemble during 2005
Dr. Mrinal K. Biswas (FSU), et.al.
ppt (2.0MB)
  • Air-Sea Interactions Processes in Tropical Cyclones Workshop
Dr. Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS/UM), et.al.
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Poster Session    
P01 An Examination of the Synoptic and Mesoscale Environments Involved in Tornado Outbreaks from Hurricane’s Frances (2004) and Jeanne (2004) over Northeast Coastal Georgia and Southern South Carolina
Mr. Frank Alsheimer (WFO Charleston), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (577KB)

Poster .ppt (2.5MB)
P02 The WSR-88D Tropical Cyclone Operations Plan—A Living Document
Mr. Dan Berkowitz (NWS/ROC), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (214KB)

Poster .ppt (1.4MB)
P03 SFMR Performance during the 2005 Hurricane Season
Dr. Peter Black (HRD), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (532KB)

Poster .ppt (1.2MB)
P04 Collapsing Precipitation Cores in Hurricanes at Landfall: Possible Downbursts and Extreme Surface Wind Gusts
Dr. Keith G. Blackwell (Univ. of South Alabama), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P05 Testing the Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Strategy for Targeted Observations during the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Dr. Brian J. Etherton (UNCC), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P06 Storm Surge Issues of Hurricane Katrina
Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick (MSU), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .ppt (2.1MB)
P07 The Impact of Multi-Satellite Data in a 4DVAR MM5 Simulation of Hurricane Lili’s (2002) Rapid Weakening
Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick (MSU), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .ppt (2.3MB)
P08 Real-time Airborne-Doppler Wind Analyses Transimitted to NHC during 2005 Hurricanes
Dr. John F. Gamache (HRD), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .ppt (3.5MB)
P09 (Not used)
P10 A Prototype for Real-time Forecasting from the Deep Ocean into River and Estuary Systems
Dr. Scott C. Hagen (UCF), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (518KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P11 NRL Tropical Cyclone Web Page Augmentations
Mr. Jeff Hawkins (NRL-Monterey), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (6.9MB)

Poster .ppt (27.0MB)
P12 An Application of 4d-VAR to Weather Control and Exigent Forecasting
Mr. John M. Henderson (AER, Inc.), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (3.7KB)

Poster .ppt (1.9MB)
P13 A Detailed Analysis of Wind Damage Potential and its Relative Magnitude and Timing with respect to Surge Flooding during Landfall of Hurricane Katrina
Mr. Richard G. Henning (Private Consulting Meteorologist)
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P14 A Wide Swath, Imaging Microwave Radiometer for Hurricane Observations
Mr. James W. Johnson (UCF), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (259KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P15 The University of South Alabama Mesonet and Data Collected during the 2005 Hurricane Season
Dr. Sytske K. Kimball and Mr. Jason Holmes (Univ. of South Alabama)
  Poster Preview .ppt (3.5MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P16 An Examination of Storm Surge and Winds in Hurricane Rita
Ms. Montra Lockwood (WFO Lake Charles), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (675KB)

Poster .ppt (1.6MB)
P17 Defense Support of Civil Authorities Weather Support for Hurricane Katrina Relief Operations
Mr. Patrick A. Lunney (USNORTHCOM/TSC)
  Poster Preview .ppt (1.5MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P18 Monitoring Hurricane Rita Inland Storm-Surge Water Levels
Mr. Robert R. Mason, Jr. (USGS), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .pdf (8.8MB)
P19 Recent Upgrades to the UW-CIMSS Advanced Dvorak Technique
Mr. Timothy L. Olander and Mr. Christopher S. Velden (UW-CIMSS)
  Poster Preview .ppt (105KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P20 Calibration and Operation of the Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer during the 2005 Hurricane Season
Dr. Ivan PopStefanija and Dr. Mark Goodberlet (ProSensing Inc.)
  Poster Preview .ppt (__KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P21 Development of an Operational Scanning Radar Altimeter for Measuring Ocean Wave Spectra in Hurricanes
Dr. Ivan PopStefanija and Dr. James Mead (ProSensing Inc.)
  Poster Preview .ppt (550KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P22 Results of the Implementation of a Modernized Tropical Cyclone Operations Plan for a Coastal National Weather Service Forecast Office
Mr. John Purdy (WFO Mobile), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (63KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P23 Hurricane Trifecta: Katrina, Rita, and Wilma Interactions with the Loop Current
Dr. Lynn K. Shay (RSMAS/UM), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (1.4MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P24 Sea Surface Waves of Hurricanes
Dr. Edward J. Walsh (NASA/GSFC), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (158KB)

Poster .ppt (11.5MB)
P25 Toward a Modest Improvement in WRF Hurricane Performance
Dr. Patrick T. Welsh (UNF)
  Poster Preview .ppt (1.2MB)

Poster .pdf (846KB)
P26 Thermal Feedback of Sea Spray and its Impact on Hurricane Simulations
Mr. James M. Wilczak (NOAA/ESRL), et.al
  Poster Preview .ppt (334KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P27 Providing Tropical Cyclone Weather Support to Space Launch Operations
Ms. Katherine A. Winters (45th Weather Squadron), et.al.
  Poster Preview .ppt (1.1MB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P28 National Ocean Service (NOS) Storm Tide Alert and Quick Look Response to the 2005 Hurricane Season
Mr. Darren Wright (NOS)
  Poster Preview .ppt (495KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
P29 Comparison of Mobile Radar and In Situ Wind Measurements in Hurricane Rita
Dr. Joshua Wurman (Center for Severe Weather Research) and Dr. Forrest Masters (FIU)
Poster Preview .pdf (631KB)

Poster .ppt (__MB)
Session 4: Joint Hurricane Test bed—Transitioning Research to Operations
  • Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT): 2006 Update
Dr. Jiann-Gwo Jiing (TPC/NHC), et.al.
ppt (2.0MB)
  • Assimilating Moisture Information from Global Positioning System (GPS) Dropwindsondes into the NOAA Global Forecast System
Mr. Jason P. Dunion (RSMAS/UM) and Dr. Sim D. Aberson (HRD)
ppt (5.8MB)
  • Drag Coefficient Distribution and Wind Speed Dependence in Tropical Cyclones
Dr. Mark D. Powell (HRD)
pdf (3.0MB)
  • VORTAC—A Utility to Deduce Central Pressure and Radius of Maximum Wind of Landfalling Tropical Cyclones Using WSR-88D Data
Dr. Wen-Chau Lee (NCAR), et.al.
ppt (14.2MB)
  • Mapping of Topographic Effects of Maximum Sustained Surface Wind Speeds in Landfalling Hurricanes
Dr. Craig Miller (Univ. of Western Ontario) and Dr. Mark Powell (HRD)
ppt (15.3MB)
  • Estimating Tropical Cyclone Wind Radii Utilizing an Empirical Inland Wind Decay Model
Mr. John Kaplan (HRD), et.al.
ppt (1.7MB)
  • Continued Development of Tropical Cyclone Wind Probability Products
Dr. John A. Knaff (CIRA/CSU) and Dr. Mark DeMaria (NESDIS)
ppt (1.2MB)
  • Operational SFMR-NAWIPS Airborne Processing and Data Distribution Products
Dr. James Carswell (Remote Sensing Solutions), et.al.
ppt (561 KB)
  • Improved Statistical Intensity Forecast Models
Dr. Mark DeMaria (NESDIS), et.al.
ppt (766 KB)
  • Enhancement of SHIPS Using Passive Microwave Imager Data—2005 Testing
Dr. Daniel J. Cecil and Mr. Thomas A. Jones (Univ. of Alabama/Huntsville)
ppt (5.4MB)
  • Eastern Pacific Ocean Heat Content Estimates for SHIPS Forecasting for the Joint Hurricane Testbed
Dr. Lynn K. Shay and Ms. Jodi Brewster (RSMAS/UM)
ppt (965 KB)
  • Development and Implementation of NHC/JHT Products in ATCF
Mr. Charles R. (Buck) Sampson (NRL-Monterey)
ppt (1.7MB)
  • Prediction of Consensus TC Track Forecast Error and Correctors to Improve Consensus TC Track Forecasts

Dr. James S. Goerss (NRL-Monterey)
ppt (312 KB)
Session 5: Special Session: Lessons Learned from Katrina, Rita, and Wilma
  • Hurricane Preparedness and Expectations: Lessons for the 2006 Hurricane Season from Katrina, Rita, and Wilma
Dr. Dario V. Moreno and Dr. Maria Ilcheva (FIU)
ppt (225 KB)
  • The Effect of Forecast Information on Evacuation Decisions
Dr. Earl J. Baker (FSU)
ppt (3.4MB)
  • Air Security after the Storm
Mr. Joseph M. Miller (FAA)
ppt (9.4MB)
  • Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma in Navigation and Port Response and the Reopening Critical Supply Chains for Hurricane Relief and for Impacted Areas
Mr. Tim Osborn (NOS), et.al.
ppt (70.3MB)
  • Summary of Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge on the Mississippi Coast
Mr. K. Van Wilson (USGS/MWSC)
ppt (11.0MB)
  • Coastal-Change Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Dr. Abby Sallenger (USGS), et.al.
 ppt (13.9MB)
Session 6: Decision-making Products and Services
  • Lessons Learned from Infrastructure Impacts of Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma
Dr. Steven Fernandez (LANL), et.al.
ppt (10.5MB)
  • Monitoring Hurricane Impacts on U.S. Agriculture at the NOAA/USDA Joint Agricultural Weather Facility
Mr. Harlan Shannon and Mr. Brad Rippey (USDA)
ppt (8.3MB)
  • Progress Toward Operational Implementation of Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Probability Products
Dr. Richard Knabb (TPC/NHC), et.al.
ppt (2.0MB)
  • Tropical Cyclone-Related Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting at HPC
Mr. David Mark Roth (NCEP/HPC)
ppt (857 KB)
  • Experimental Storm Surge Simulations for Hurricane Katrina
Dr. Hassan Mashriqui (LSU), et.al.
ppt (14.4MB)
  • NOAA’s Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts—A Retrospective Look at the Exceptional 2005 Season and a Look Ahead to 2006
Mr. Eric Blake (TPC/NHC), et.al.
 ppt (6.4MB)
Conference Banquet
  Banquet Address: The Honorable Gregory Brent Warr, Mayor, Gulfport, MS

Presentation of the Richard Hagemeyer Award

Dr. Joanne Simpson--2006

Dr. Frank D. Marks, Jr.--2005
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron--2005 Special
NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center--2005 Special
Mr. Max Mayfield--2004
Mr. Chris Velden--2003
Prof. Russell Elsberry--2002

 Workshop 1 - Getting the “Right” Message to the Customer    
  • Dr. Betty Hearn Morrow, SocResearch Miami
ppt (538 KB)
  • Mr. Bryan Norcross, Director of Meteorology, WFOR, CBS4, Miami, Florida
ppt (579 KB)
  • Dr. Brenda D. Phillips, Co-Director, Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events, Oklahoma State University
ppt (6.1MB)
  • Dr. Velma J. Deleveaux, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. and Ms. Naomi Moye, Abraham’s Group
ppt (177 KB)
  • Mr. Paul Trotter, NWS (WFO New Orleans/Baton Rouge)
ppt (10.2MB)
 Workshop 2 - Tropical Cyclone Research: Priorities for the Next Decade    
  • Dr. Robert Serafin, NCAR Director Emeritus and Chair, Board
    on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC)
ppt (60 KB)
  • National Science Board’s Task Force on Hurricane Science and Engineering
Dr. Michael Crosby, Executive Officer for the NSF NSB, and Director of the NSB Office
ppt (2.3MB)
  • NOAA SAB Hurricane Intensity Research Working Group
Dr. John Snow (College of Geosciences, The University of Oklahoma)
ppt (3.2MB)
  • Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones: The Way Ahead
Dr. Frank Marks Jr., NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, Hurricane Research Division
ppt (3.2MB)
  • Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones: The Way Ahead
Ms. Robbie Hood, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Global Hydrology and Climate Center
ppt (454 KB)
  • Interagency Strategic Research Plan for Tropical Cyclones: The Way Ahead
Dr. Naomi Surgi, NWS, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, Environmental Modeling Center
 ppt (59 KB)
Final Plenary Session
  • WG/HWSOR: Review of Action Items and NHOP Changes
Dr. Edward Rappaport (Chairperson, WG/HWSOR)
ppt (288 KB)
  • Tropical Cyclone Reconnaissance and Observations Systems Wrap-up
Mr. Mark Welshinger (OFCM)
ppt (1.1MB)
  • Workshop 1 Wrap-up - Getting the “Right” Message to the Customer
Dr. Brenda D. Phillips (OSU)
ppt (42 KB)
  • Workshop 2 Wrap-up - Tropical Cyclone Research: Priorities for the Next Decade
Dr. Robert Serafin
NCAR Director Emeritus and Chair of BASC
ppt (335 KB)
  • Final Wrap-up
Mr. Samuel P. Williamson, Federal Coordinator
ppt (537 KB)