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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology


OFCM Meetings Calendar

OFCM Meetings Calendar

Meetings are the lifeblood of OFCM's Coordinating Infrastucture. They bring the Federal meteorological community together to discuss important issues affecting the Nation as a whole. Below is a listing of meetings - some sponsored by OFCM; others attended by OFCM staff (indicated by an asterisk).

February 26 Interdepartmental Committee for Meteorologuical Services and Supporting Research Silver Spring, MD
February 27 *NOAA Observing Systems Council Silver Spring, MD
March 7 *NextGen Executive Weather Panel Washington, DC
March 12-13 Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research Forum Miami, FL
March 14 Working Group for Winter Storms Operations Miami, FL
March 18 Committee for Operational Environmental Satellites Silver Spring, MD
March 21 *NWS Monthly Aviation Weather Meeting Silver Spring, MD
March 26-27 Cooperative Support and Backup Silver Spring, MD
April 1-5 *Space Weather Workshop Boulder, CO
April 9-10 *COASTAL Act 4th Annual Meeting College Park, MD
April 10 *Wind Turbine Radar Interference Mitigation Washington, DC
April 16-17 *Friends and Partners in Aviation Weather Washington, DC
April 23-25 *1st Workshop on Leveraging AI in the Exploitation of Satellite Earth Observations and Numerical Weather Prediction College Park, MD
April 24-25 Committee for Operational Processing Centers Stennis, MS
April 26 Federal Committee for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research Silver Spring, MD
May 1-2 *Interagency Coordinating Committee for Airborne Geosciences Research and Applications Silver Spring, MD
June 2-11 *AMS Policy Colloquim Washington, DC
June 26 Space Weather Enterprise ForumWashington, DC
September 28 - October 4 *AMS Joint Satellite Conference Boston, MA