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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology




The Joint Action Group for METAR Transition (JAG/IWXXM) fosters cooperation and coordination among the Federal agencies focused on transitioning the METAR family of products (METAR/SPECI, TAF, and SIGMET) from the traditional alphanumeric code (TAC) to an extensible mark-up language (xml) based code called IWXXM. The JAG/IWXXM goal is to plan and coordinate an efficient transition with minimal impacts on agency operations.

The JAG/IWXXM will:

  1. Survey sources from which relevant products are generated and will ultimately need to be provided in IWXXM format.
  2. Communicate agency and customer requirements for the use of relevant products.
  3. Determine the communications architecture associated with the relevant products, including both domestic networks and international connectivity.
  4. Establish a plan to meet the ICAO 2019 mandate for data exchange in IWXXM while
    1. Supporting the on-going use of TAC products as necessary to meet agency and customer needs,
    2. Allowing transition to IWXXM were and when possible and desired. and
    3. Envisioning the eventual complete transition to IWXXM at some point after 2019.
  5. Identify opportunities for collaboration among the agencies in sharing solutions.
  6. Consider outreach to the aviation community to encourage users to transition from TAC to IWXXM products.
  7. Monitor implementation progress and address issues as they arise.
  8. Report plans and progress to CEISC and/or ICMSSR as requested.

Terms of Reference for JAG/IWXXM

JAG/IWXXM Meetings

Meetings will be held with sufficient frequency to assure prompt handling of JAG business. Additional information can be found at the link below.

JAG/IWXXM Meetings

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