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joint action group for operational community modeling


The Joint Action Group for Operational Community Modeling (JAG/OCM) serves as a supporting agent to the Committee for Operational Processing Centers (COPC) through its executive agent, the Working Group for Cooperative Support and Backup (CSAB). The principal focus of the JAG/OCM is to coordinate and document the operational community modeling requirements related to model acquisition; configuration and implementation; data collection, processing, and assimilation ( e.g., three-dimensional variational analyses); software standards and documentation; and the development, archival and dissemination of centralized model-generated meteorological and oceanographic products within the federal government, which are the responsibility of the major operational processing centers (OPC) of the Departments of Commerce and Defense. The source of documentation for these requirements is chiefly the COPC WRF Concept of Operations, plus the WRF Executive Management charters, and such other documents as may be identified by COPC. Moreover, the priorities of the JAG/OCM will be developed in the context of the overall priorities of community modeling, including the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) system, the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) and the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF).

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Associated Groups

The parent committee for the JAG/OCM is the Working Group for Cooperative Support and Backup (WG/CSAB). WG/CSAB has two other subgroups:


The working group meets on a regular basis to discuss important issues. Details of the most recent meetings are linked below.

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