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Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology



The Committee for Climate Services Coordination (CCSC) shall be the principal means for effecting continuing coordination on current and programmed activities within its assigned areas, recommending changes to more efficiently utilize resources in meeting valid user requirements, and addressing policy matters and issues as they relate to climate monitoring and services. Assigned areas include the following:

  • Climate services provided by Federal agencies to national, regional, and local levels, to include provision of information at time scales from two weeks and beyond.
  • Modeling, assessment, analysis, and prediction in support of climate services delivery
  • Applied research, development, and transition to operations needs for enhancing service delivery
  • Data management and archiving

The Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. Collecting and consolidating agency mission needs within the Committee’s focus areas.
  2. Identifying the high pay-off, cross-cutting issues which will serve as the basis for prioritizing future interagency efforts.
  3. Planning and executing strategies for addressing deficiencies in these cross-cutting issues. Where applicable, Working Groups will serve as the Committee’s executive agents for specific areas of focus. The Committee is empowered to create Working Groups and Joint Action Groups as required.
  4. Empowering Joint Action Groups (JAG) to work on specific projects of limited duration. The Committee will develop objectives for a JAG and specify a well-defined deliverable, such as a Federal plan or report.
  5. Reporting to ICMSSR periodically on the Committee’s activities and accomplishments and considering other matters as directed by ICMSSR.

CSCC Meetings

The CSCC meets at least once per year.