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  Updated December 21, 2015

About the Forum

The Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research (OFCM) hosts an annual forum of the responsible Federal agencies to review last year’s hurricane observing, forecasting and warning operations; plan operations for the upcoming season; and consider potential improvements going forward. In recent years, the forum has focused on research activities and how effectively those activities are addressing the operational centers’ needs.

The 2016 Tropical Cyclone Operations and Research Forum (TCORF), the 70th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference, marks a return to the focus on operations. Tropical Cyclone Research will continue to be a part of the forum in the context of operational imperatives. The meeting of the Working Group for Hurricane and Winter Storms Operation and Research, which supports the annual update of the National Hurricane Operations Plan, will be re-incorporated into the conference. The format for the event will provide ample opportunity for interaction between stakeholders both during the official program and offline during breaks.

Sessions and Other Key Events

On Monday afternoon, March 14, 2016, the Working Group for Disaster Impact Assessments and Plans: Weather and Water Data will meet for routine deliberations.

The forum will begin on Tuesday morning and will run through mid-day on Thursday. The opening session will focus on a review of the 2015 hurricane/typhoon season from both an operations and reconnaissance perspective. From there, the program will review key research and research-to-operations efforts, address a few special topics of interest, and present a series of panels made up of operation and research experts who will consider important operational issues. Watch here for further, more detailed information as planning moves forward.