National Space Weather Program Council (NSW/PC)


The National Space Weather Program Council (NSW/PC) will:

  1. Establish policy with respect to planning and implementation of space weather forecasting services, supporting research, and data archival, consistent with the policies and guidelines of the representative agencies.
  2. Coordinate interagency efforts and resources, ensure exchange of information an plans, encourage and focus research, and facilitate transition of research results into operations.
  3. Approve agreements among the agencies developed within the scope of the program.
  4. Foster education of space weather service providers and users, members of government, and the public.
  5. Coordinate and guide the development of an integrated program implementation plan. The plan will be reviewed annually and revised as needed. The plan will include:
    • Requirements of the operational users of space weather services and anticipated economic and/or social benefits from meeting those requirements.
    • Priorities for goals and activities which will result in specific improvements in space weather support capabilities.
    • Agency roles, responsibilities, and contributions, both in general and anticipated as part of specific activities recommended by the Council.
    • The general level of resources required to accomplish the plan and programs within the plan, without constraining specific agency planning.
    • Means to identify and resolve policy issues that cut across agency lines.

Coordinating Structure